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Nancy and Ann Wilson of the rock band Heart have explained in a new interview with Rolling Stone why the band canceled their performance at SeaWorld’s 2014 ‘Bands, Brew & BBQ’.

“Seeing Blackfish just really opened our eyes to a lot of really horrific truths about how SeaWorld treats their Orcas,” said Ann. “It really broke my heart and I just couldn’t sign my name to that.” She claims that had they known where their performance was booked they would have declined.

“We thought it was just somewhere in Orlando,” she explained. “I’m not making an excuse, but we just weren’t paying attention to details. I’ve never been to Sea World. I’ve seen the photos of people getting splashed and it looks fun, but when you look underneath you see the dark side.”

Nancy Wilson said that when she watched the documentary, she could barely get through it, as it broke her heart to watch the inhumane treatment of these captive whales.

“When you see the separation of the whale and its mother, nothing is more convincing than that,” she said. “People making money from them are saying, ‘We’re protecting them. They’re safe and sound, not out in the wild where they are in danger.’ But when you look at the underbelly of rodeos and carnivals, these animals are tortured and neglected and forced to do things that are highly unnatural for their breeds for our entertainment.”

Her sister compares the treatment of the Orcas at SeaWorld to slavery: “‘Okay, let’s go to Africa and bring a bunch of people back here,’ There’s never anyway to make that okay. Granted, this is a different species, but it still has a lot of similarities.”

On her ‘NancyHeartMusic‘ page on Twitter, Nancy Wilson tweeted: “I am a big Orca fan. I hosted a nature documentary once called Baby Wild all about Orcas. I’m happy to stand w/a of u to protect our animals.” Wilson subsequently received a message of thanks from animal activists, including PETA who tweeted, “Thank you for taking a stand against animal abuse! The orcas thank you.”

As it was for Nancy and Ann Wilson, and other performers whom have cancelled their concerts at SeaWorld, it is almost impossible for anyone to watch Blackfish and bear witness to this inhumane cruelty and not come away sensing that a great injustice has been done to these incredibly intelligent and extremely social mammals.

Check out a trailer for the film below.

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  • SaveourOceansfirst

    Wow, now they look like fools basing a decision on a film that has now been outted as propaganda with people involved stating they were mislead, lied too and manipulated to push PETA’s agenda.

    • Davidus

      Only to those who believe the propaganda spills over the small tanks at Sea World.