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by Michael dEstries
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What a difference a few years makes!

The Super Bowl, once a barren wasteland when it came to genuine animal-free grub, will now be able to accommodate the vegan scene.

Seattle-based Field Roast Grain Meat (you can bet who they’ll be rooting for) will have a pop up stand (Section 144) at MetLife Stadium. Options include vegan hot dogs and vegan Field Burgers.

“Over the past few years, our company has grown tremendously because we’re focused on making a flavorful real food product instead of a fake version of something else,” says Field Roast founder Chef David Lee. “Between the playoff and championship games at CenturyLink Field and MetLife Stadium, 150,000 football fans will have had the chance to discover that our franks and burgers are some of the tastiest plant-based meats available today.”

Has anyone out there tried Field Roast? Let us know in the comments! For those keeping it vegan at home for the big game, here are some past Super Bowl recipes to enjoy:

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  • Mary Lou

    Field Roast products are to die for — absolutely love

  • staranela

    Their smoked apple sage sausage links are incredible!

  • Memo

    Love their spicy Mexican chipotle sausages.

  • Plinerd

    So yummy! I cut them into rounds, “brown” them in a skillet, then add onto a veg pizza. So good. Or in a sauce instead of meat Italian sausages. Or sauteed w/kale and garlic. Seriously, thank goodness for a GOOD vegan option being offered. Yay!

  • Lush Rimbaugh

    The Super Bowl is still a barren wasteland. Now it just has a popup with vegan food. :)

  • Kelly

    Their sausage is AMAZING crumbled on a pizza!

  • Michelle Smith Wardle

    LOVE the apple sage sausages! They are a staple for me and my son, and even my omni husband concedes that they are very tasty.

  • Zenster

    Great to hear. Each day there is more and more. It is approaching the day when wherever you are, there will be a Vegan option. My local coffee shop just added veggie burgers to their menu

  • Fallopia Tuba

    I hate football, but I’d go to a game if Field Roast were going to be there.