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Vegan author, Kathy Freston has written many books on healthy plant-based eating, including “Quantum Wellness: A Practical Guide to Health and Happiness” and “Veganist: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, and Change the World.” Her most recent writing, though, won’t be found in bookstores, but instead on Change.org. She’s addressed a petition to McDonald’s CEO, Don Thompson, saying “it’s time” for a meatless option from the fast food giant.

“Adding plant-based protein options at McDonald’s will appeal to workers out for a quick lunch, families with health-conscious members out to dinner, children on field trips, and anyone looking for something different than the current menu at McDonald’s where even the french fries contain beef flavoring,” writes Freston. “According to a recent survey, more than one-third of Americans already buy meat substitutes for reasons that range from health to ethics! So why not make a meatless option available at one of America’s favorite restaurant chains for everyone to enjoy? Healthy living should be about progress, not perfection, and this is an easy step that McDonald’s could be taking.”

Freston goes on to give a shout-out to other chain restaurants offering vegan options, such as Chipotle’s new tofu sofritas and Tropical Smoothie’s Beyond Meat options. She also gives a nod to Bill Gates and Biz Stone, who are backing the production of meat alternatives. Freston makes sure to point out that other similar fast food restaurants in other countries offer a vegan meal, such as vegan chicken from KFC in Canada, and the vegetarian wraps in Canadian McDonald’s.

“We Americans love a protein center to our meal, so veggies and salads alone (or even in a wrap) won’t do the trick; we want something hearty and protein-centric just like the burgers and sandwiches you already have, only with something plant-based instead,” Freston writes.

She concludes with, “Like many Americans, I’m over this “all or nothing” way of thinking by powerful decision makers in the government and in the corporate world. We need to work together to find positive ways to work towards common goals like eating healthier, farming sustainably, and treating animals with respect. In that spirit, one very simple step can come from fast food giant McDonald’s adding a healthy, plant-based item to the menu in the United States. Truly, there can be something for everyone!”

Kathy Freston’s petition currently has over 8,000 signatures. Add yours at Change.org today.

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  • YourVeganCoach

    This is great, I just hope that whatever they come up with will be dairy-free too.

    • Amber McCaughlin

      Probably will be awhile before it’s naturally dairy free, but I can’t wait for that day. :)