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The state of Sao Paulo in Brazil is now taking a serious stance against animal cruelty with their new law against animal testing. The state has officially adopted a ban on animal testing for cosmetics, perfumes, or personal care items. Companies in violation of the ban will face hefty charges, too.

First time offenders who are caught testing on animals will be fined $435,000 per animal. Repeat offenders could face doubled fines and possibly the complete shutdown of their business.

Governor Geraldo Alckmin announced the ban after in depth meetings with animal rights activists, veterinarians, scientists, and members of the perfumes and cosmetics industries. This was clearly an issue that Sao Paulo government took seriously, talking with concerned citizens from both sides of the issue, and taking action in the right way. This is a huge step for animal rights and hopefully an action that we’ll see repeated around the world.

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  • VikkiRene Kittles

    PLEASE…..we need letters of accolade for every government or company that bans torture of animals.. I didn’t see one here. We can’t just threaten and damn them then if they do the right thing ignore it.

  • Manel Dias

    Thank you Governer Geraldo Alckmin, for this wonderful and ethical humane decision that your government has taken to protect the vulnerable innocent animals from their pains & sufferings. May god bless you all. Bravo Brazil!!!