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George Clooney Auctions Date to Benefit SSP

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Can you imagine yourself on the arm of George Clooney enjoying a night out on the town? This dream is about to become a reality for one lucky contest winner. The American actor, film director, producer, screen writer, humanitarian and all around heartthrob will go on a date with a stranger to benefit the Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP), a nonprofit organization that uses satellite imagery to deter mass atrocities by focusing world attention on crimes against humanity.

Currently, SSP monitors the border of Sudan and South Sudan, as well as specified hot spots within Sudan. The nonprofit organization also lends its time and resources to track elephant poaching, a revenue source which is used to fund the groups that commit these heinous crimes.

Clooney was one of the original minds behind the SSP. He wrote today in an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit about the creation of the organization, “I was putting time in the Sudan, with all the conflict in Sudan, and now as they work through trying to make the newest country in the world work, I became very involved with John Pendergast. We were sitting in the desert on a satellite phone and someone was talking about what to wear to the Oscars, and I was sitting among people dying in the desert. It made me wonder how come you can Google Earth my home but not set up satellites to monitor what is happening here? And John said let’s make it happen. Basically we fund ourselves and we are able to track the true movements and see a lot of the atrocities in real time. We will have images up in a few days, in the hope to try to slow down or make it prohibitive. We’ll give them to the Hague and the images will be used against them. We’ve already given tons of actual atrocities, true movements, bombs being dropped on villages but they would claim it was tribal infighting when of course no tribe has these weapons.”

The George Clooney date includes being fitted with a star-worthy styling session and walking the red carpet arm and arm with the hunky and passionate Oscar winner. With ten dollars and a lot of luck, one contestant will be chosen randomly and every donation via Omaze will go toward Satellite Sentinel Project’s efforts to deter war crimes. Who knows, maybe you could be George Clooney’s next love! What do you think? Are you feeling lucky?

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  • Raoul Solfa

    Stop the massaker of dolphins and others animals, Boycott, sending mails to the companies boards of directors, not to the governement.
    You know the story from (Brent Spar or Brent E, was a North Sea oil storage and tanker loading buoy in the Brent oilfield, operated by Shell UK)
    Let’s do the same…
    Boycott the FIRMS, Toyota, Honda etc, put real pressure on firms and sending (PETITION) to the relevant (PEOPLE) board of directors. The government is controlled by firms and banks, so try it this way with your petition… .-)))
    Put pessure on the relevant peoples, firms etc!!!
    1)Hello everybody! We can do something against the massacre and barbaric inhumane treatment of all animals, Seals, Dolphins, Whales Sharks etc! Stop or try not to buy products from China, Japan, Iceland, Denmark, Canada, Faroer Islands, Finland and Norway, stop to travel in those countries!!! Tell all your family and friends to do the same.When companies lose money, then they will change something!! Money money money !!! I’m …not a racist!!! The Whales Dolphins and all the other Animals need our help.Think about it!!! The animals thank for your support!!!

    2) I would agree but the killing is not done because normal people are hungry and need to be fed but because a few rich people whish to eat this famous speciality. My target is that their economies would suffer and then make them think what is better for them: killing these innocent animals in this terrible way or having a good relationship and economy with the other countries on this earth !!! We have the power to do something and help all the animals!!! Support Sea Shepherd!!!

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