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Always lending his voice to a worthy cause, hip-hop mogul and founder of record label, Def Jam, Russell Simmons recently spoke out against the dolphin massacre happening in Taiji, Japan while appearing on the Jane Velez-Mitchell Show.

“This kind of suffering should not be tolerated,” said Simmons while on the show. “Those who are doing [the slaughtering] should be stopped.” He stated that he thinks President Barack Obama could intervene and help end the slaughter in Japan.

Simmons went on to talk about his shock over what’s happening in Taiji and encouraged everyone to raise their voice and speak for not only the dolphins, but for all animals around the world.

According to Sea Shepherd, over 1,200 dolphins have been herded into “the cove” since the first of September.

See the full interview below.

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  • David

    Yes Obama should declare war on Japan and we should invade, cause dolphins are way more important than, let’s say….. the ongoing nuclear catastrophe in Japan that is every day dumping more and more radiation into the ocean. You know, where dolphins live. Moron.

    • Calli

      Why should anybody care about the radiation? Japan did spent the Tsunami relief money on their whale fleets. I think you should donate some more, maybe they take your dollars to pluck the hole in the reactor, because they care so much about their population, the environment, ocean etc.

      • David

        Just trying to say, maybe he needs to use his fame for some thing useful. Not trying to dictate how other countries should live.

      • wendy

        How other countries should live? they are not Japanease dolphins! These dolphins don’t belong to them; I wonder how would you feel if your family was slaughter in front of your own eyes….

      • David

        I wonder how you would feel if you had a brain…wow, the stupidity, just wow. Animals=People? Yeah, I don’t think so.

      • Calli

        No animal deserves this. Unfortunately, I cannot put video links in here…anybody can google these….btw a dolphins brain is bigger than ours.

      • Meghan Pierce

        Brain size has very little to do with intelligence. It’s actually more about the development of the brain- especially the neocortex. Also, brain size to body ratio is important, and how convoluted the brain of the animal is.

  • Excelerater

    Obama would never touch this with a 100 ft pole..Russell please..

  • heather

    Japan is a completely autonomous nation. It has been a sovereign world power for a VERY long time. How in the hell does this guy think our President have any authority to tell them what to do?! It is obvious he has no idea what he is taking about.

  • Carlo D’Anna

    It definitely is an act of eco terrorism. What civilized nation can sit and do nothing.

  • TheBunkis .

    Those friggin’ orientals would chop up mountains and eat them if given a chance. It should be considered an act of eco-terrorism, to be quite honest.

  • Julia

    Well…Japan is gonna kill our by day by day by day. Piece by piece. Chemical after chemical and kill every damn animal in there. Ugh. They think Americans are greedy pigs?? Look at kidding

    • Meghan Pierce

      Wait, the ocean isn’t even alive.
      You think Japan alone is going to kill all the organisms in the ocean? Radiation isn’t even the biggest threat to the ocean. It’s a small amount of radiation compared to how big the ocean is. Considering that Chernobyl still has radioactive areas and is a wildlife park now with species that are very rare in europe- like bear, wolf, lynx, and wolverines, I think the ocean will be okay with the radiation.

      And their hunting of whales and dolphins? It’s heavily regulated. They have quotas set. The western world’s whale hunting? They had no quotas. They killed whatever whale they found. While hunting whales and dolphins isn’t a great thing, there’s much worse things to worry about regarding the ocean.

      No, it’s not Japan that’s going to kill the ocean. It’s the acidification and warming that will cause many species to go extinct in the ocean. And that is being caused by all countries across the world. Anything that causes the pH to drop by 0.1 in the ocean risks killing off anything with a calcium carbonate shell. Which is everything with a shell, except diatoms. Temperature changes in the ocean cause coral bleaching. Coral reefs are the most diverse place on the planet. If they disappear, that’s a whole lot of biodiversity.

      So stop blaming other countries. It’s everyone’s fault. And everyone can help fix it.

      • Julia

        Glad you’re educated on the subject. I hope you do your part…I sure do mine. My argument is that they are killing Self Aware mammals. Might as well be killing humans. No Japan is not the only ones…you’re right…but they ARE the largest contributor doing damage to what I fight for. You fight for the earth your way and I’ll fight for it mine…maybe together good things will start to happen. :)

      • Meghan Pierce

        The only thing is… and I hate to sound stuck up, but your thing you are fighting for is completely useless if you don’t fight to prevent the acidification warming and the eutrophication (caused by agriculture) of the oceans. Those three things will kill off the whales and dolphins much faster than anyone can hunt them, because they will starve. If the ocean has no oxygen, is too acidic, or too warm, there will be no fish and invertebrates. And without fish and invertebrates, the cetaceans will all die. All of them will, because there’s no whale, dolphin or porpoise (everyone always forgets the porpoises) that eats plants.

        It’s like fighting for stopping the bushmeat trade without preventing the rainforest from being destroyed. You’ll have a bunch of chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orangutans without a home and more importantly- food. With no home or food, the animals starve, and there’s no chance of population recovery, because they have no way of living.

      • Julia

        What do you propose happen then? This is something I am clearly not educated on and will have to research so that I may have a clue. I didn’t forget the Porpoises! Especially the little freshwater finless porpoises that are just about gone! Sweet little things. You’re right…something needs to be done on a larger scale….but i will continue to try and make people see the error of Sea parks all over the world. Not the worst thing for the environment, but certainly one of the cruelest things for Cetaceans. How maddening. Clearly the superior species. Look how they (mostly) have survived in our world, with our rules. We could never do this in their world.

      • Meghan Pierce

        I’m a college student that has taught myself all that so…… The internet is your friend to learn about those processes. Just makes sure it’s a reputable source.