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by Sierra Britton
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For the first time in the NFL Championship’s history, Super Bowl XLVIII will give football fans the option to compost their half-eaten Bubba burgers and soggy Nathan’s cheese fries on site.

Although the host stadium of this year’s event has failed to receive recognition as one of the country’s most vegan and vegetarian-friendly football fields, MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. has maintained an active composting and recycling program since it opened its door in 2010. Last year, the stadium composted 195 tons of waste—up from 153 tons in 2012. MetLife concession employees even participate in post-event separation to ensure that fewer food materials are wasted.

Vice President of MetLife Facilities Dave Duernberger estimates that nearly eight tons of food will be composted during this year’s Super Bowl. Once the food scraps have been processed, MetLife Stadium will use the remains to fertilize and nourish the facility’s landscape.

Any leftover non-scrap prepared concession food will be donated to nearby charities, homeless shelters and soup kitchens via Rock & Wrap It Up, a New York-based nonprofit that partners with professional sport stadiums to collect and distribute food that would otherwise go to waste.

Do you think the NFL’s composting initiative will change the way sports fans handle their food waste on game day? How will you dispose of your leftover scraps after the Lombardi Trophy is raised?

Super Bowl XLVIII will air Sunday, February 2 at 6:30 p.m. ET on FOX.


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    Hi there — my first comment didn’t go through perhaps because I included a hyperlink, but this piece bares some uncanny similarities to another article on the topic published on MNN a couple days earlier. Would really appreciate a source credit at the very least.