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Budweiser's 'Puppy Love' Commercial, Breeder Pups, and Rescues

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There’s no denying the emotional love for Budweiser’s new “Puppy  Love” Super Bowl commercial – but there’s certainly a split of opinion on its message when it comes to animal rescue.

Before we dig in, it’s worth noting that Budweiser actually has a strong history of backing animal rescue dogs and organizations. Two years ago, the beer maker ran a Super Bowl ad that featured a rescue dog named “Weego” – and also plugged help for the pups via a prominent link on a cooler at the end.

So when we all saw the words “Puppy Adoption” at the start of yesterday’s ad, it was not only a good reminder to people, but also a good sign that we’d see yet another “Weego” pup. Unfortunately, we’re hearing word that the pups featured were actually from a breeder in California.

We’re getting this information from Southern Paws Rescue, an awesome animal shelter located in Highland, IL. that apparently DID have two of its rescue pups filmed for a second Super Bowl Budweiser segment.

“Our boys DID participate in a Budweiser Super Bowl shoot on Monday,” the group wrote on Facebook late last night. “It was told to us that it airs 4th Q 2 min warning. It’s actually getting leaked soon (can’t tell when!) It was shot here in St. Louis at the stables with the Clydesdales and is a fun- web based thing to get everyone ready for the Bud commercial y’all saw today that used breeder pups in Cali.

“Let’s focus on the positive that they used our handsome rescues for the Stl shoot- and we are excited to see it air! Please SHARE so everyone understands!”

The two rescue pups used for a Budweiser Super Bowl commercial that has yet to be leaked. These are NOT the stars of the "Puppy Love" commercial. Photo credit: Southern Paws Rescue

The two rescue pups used for a Budweiser Super Bowl commercial that has yet to be leaked. These are NOT the stars of the “Puppy Love” commercial. Photo credit: Southern Paws Rescue

Because Southern Paws revealed earlier in the week that their two pups would be filmed for Budweiser, people immediately assumed the “Puppy Love” commercial was the gig – a point of confusion the org has tried to correct time and again on Facebook.

“NO- those are breeder pups used in Cali** 
Our thing is what was filmed here hasn’t been released yet. It’s for the Super Bowl but not the commercial spot that was originally told to us when we shot it (so you can see our confusion) – They did shoot with AB on Monday for Super Bowl and it hasn’t been released yet. Sorry for the confusion and I hope people continue to support RESCUES.”

We’ve reached out to Southern Paws for more details and hope to share those soon. In the meantime, let’s hope the true animal rescue portion airs soon!

UPDATE: Here’s another recent post from Southern Paws Rescue: 

“-WOW- once again.. please read our page!!
We said..Our boys filmed for Budwesier Super Bowl on Monday and everyone starts tagging us and freaking out. Our boys DID do a shoot with Bud- it hasn’t been leaked yet.
What was told to us on Monday is that it airs “4th Q 2 min warning” that happens to be this commercial. We have all the proof that was told to us. They are the ones that are eating their words.
We will post what piece our boys were involved with when it leaks some time today or tomorrow.
We know that the “puppy love” used breeder pups from Cali. Nobody every denied that so I can’t help that people started tagging us to their stuff!
If people want to like our page- awesome! More shares and chances for our dogs to get adopted. We are VERY excited our boys got a chance to do Super Bowl stuff with Budweiser. What is wrong with us saying that? It’s true!!
– Now I will continue posting our dogs who need homes/sponsorship like we do every day. If you like us great- if not, you can leave your neg comments somewhere else! Rescue page is for the DOGS not drama llamas!”

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