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For months now, we’ve been following the stream of performer cancellations for SeaWorld’s Bands, Brew & BBQ concert event. Barenaked Ladies, Willie Nelson, Heart, and Martina McBride are among those refusing to be associated with the “abusement park.” Now, just days before the event is to kick off, the new headliners of the show have been announced: Kid Rock and Alan Jackson. Jackson will perform at 5pm this Saturday, with Kid Rock scheduled for a 4pm show on Sunday, all at SeaWorld Orlando.

And of course, there’s a petition circulating, asking both performers to cancel their appearances. But with just a couple of days until showtime, and with plenty of coverage over SeaWorld’s many controversies, it seems like a petition won’t be enough.

Animal activists in Orlando and across the state of Florida will be protesting outside SeaWorld this Saturday, raising awareness about the plight of orcas and other captive animals within the marine park. While protests outside of SeaWorld happen regularly, this one is timed with the kickoff to the park’s Bands, Brew & BBQ event. If you’d like to join in, refer to their Facebook event for all the info.

Only two acts from the original lineup are still on the roster for the show: Scott McCreery and Justin Moore. As for the other performers to fill in all those gaps from cancellations, SeaWorld won’t be releasing any of their names until a week before their scheduled performances. I wonder why…

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  • Suzie Hughes

    Kid Rock is a right wing jerk that has no compassion and his music sucks.. Scotty McCreary is a young kid that is trying to make a name for himself. I guess that’s their reasons, but having no heart is no excuse for this stupidity.

  • Frank Garrett

    I don’t listen to these two clowns, but I will add them to my boycott list anyway.

  • Paola BreadWater

    Wow how embarrassing for SeaWorld x)

  • emenihta

    They’re low-rent, no-class, trailer-trash. What would you expect?

  • Shirley Riverrier

    Why would Alan Jackson even want his name associated with this? does he need the money that bad to pay the Judge off for his daughter’s arrest!!!!! shame on you Alan Jackson, and to think you spend year’s trying to bullshit everyone into believing you have compassion for animals. Even going as far as having your wife talk about you in that bs book “its all about him” saying oh how cute it is that Alan / takes the bows out of the dogs hair and put her to bed in the laundry room. You are disgusting as the owner or anyone else associated with this inhumane act. Are you taking your family to watch the Orca perform after!!!!! you are pathetic