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Supermodel and coach/judge on the television show, “The Face,” Naomi Campbell revealed in a Harper’s Bazaar exclusive that she “just became a vegetarian.” The piece, titled “24 Hours with Naomi Campbell,” follows Campbell through a typical day from waking to bedtime. At the 7AM portion of her day, she reveals her newly adopted vegetarianism.

“I just became a vegetarian, and I find it a little hard to figure out what to eat, so I just bring stuff from home. I went to this place where they teach you how to take care of your body and clean it inside and out. After that I decided I didn’t want to eat pork, chicken, or anything I felt was unhealthy. I never thought I would ever do it. It was just something I decided to do,” says Campbell. “I don’t know how long it’s going to last, but I feel lighter and just easier. I think once you clean your intestine, you wanna try and keep it clean. I do juice cleanses two or three times per week.”

Campbell said that she usually brings walnuts, dates, apricots, dried fruit, Smartwater, and tea bags with her to the studio. (She prefers green and herbal teas.)

Fast forward to noon and Campbell said the following about her lunchtime routine:

“My lunch is, like, salad and vegetables or something vegetarian like seitan, which tastes like meat but it’s not. Sometimes my lunch could be just a juice. I pick them up at Juice Crafters or Organic Avenue. I have probably two or three green juices a day, and I have chamomile or mint tea or Smartwater.” Campbell also said she prefers to have a big lunch and skip dinner.

It’s surprising that Campbell finds it “a little hard” to find something vegetarian to eat; it sounds like she’s off to a great start! Hopefully she’ll continue to feel clean and healthy (common side effects of a meat-free diet) and will stick to it!

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