Moby discusses motive behind being vegan during Reddit AMA.
by Nell Alk
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So, somehow we missed the proverbial boat, but yesterday one of our favorite plant-based peeps engaged fans (and trolls) the globe over in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything,” or AMA.

Indeed, Moby fielded myriad queries, from his favorite films (among them “The Godfather: Part II,” “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut,” “Dead Man Walking” and “Apocalypse Now”) to his favorite foods (“Vegan ravioli at Sage [Organic Vegan Bistro]. The vegan chili at Angelica [Kitchen]. The vegan desserts at [Café] Gratitude. The kale salad at Crossroads [Kitchen]”). To the restaurant list, all we can say is YUM and you’ve got great taste, Mo. (Note to the uninitiated: Crossroads has the best lasagna and croissants we’ve EVER tasted. Salad? What’s salad?)

In any case, the LA-based East Coast transplant also discussed what inspired him to become vegan, which—though he’s easily explained his reasoning on innumerable occasions—bears repeating:

“Mainly the fact that I love animals and don’t want to be involved in anything that causes or contributes to animal suffering. Also, I never really liked meat that much, unless it neither looked [n]or tasted like meat. Like taco filling. But, mainly because I love animals and don’t want them to suffer. Death is unavoidable, suffering is avoidable.”

The Earthlings soundtrack supplier’s last line really resonates and reminds us, if we ever falter or forget, that boycotting cruelty and embracing ahimsa not only matters, but also makes sense. Logical, rational, justifiable sense. Death is inevitable. Murder (rape, confinement, neglect, abuse, etc.) is not. Forget being over-sensitive (as critics often claim), veganism is about being smart and kicking inconsistencies to the curb.

In addition to waxing compassionate, the award-winning artist also addressed the ever-rivalrous cat/dog debate.

Posited a participant, “Are you a cat or dog person, and why?”

And then it happened. The moment of truth

“I’m wishy-washy. I love them both. Sorry, I know that’s annoying.”

Shucks. Looks like the mystery of Moby’s companion pet preference prevails. Until next time…

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