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diane kruger drinking waterdiane kruger drinking water

WATCH: Diane Kruger Drinks Exhaust Emissions from Electric Car

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Mercedes-Benz has debuted a zero-emissions, hydrogen powered automobile, and the luxury car company has Diane Kruger and boyfriend, Joshua Jackson, drinking from the exhaust pipe to prove it. The B-Class F-Cell Electric Car only emits water, so the Hollywood couple is safe from toxic exposure and essentially sucking in pure H2O.

Hydrogen is converted into electricity to power the multi-purpose vehicle, and it can travel 190 miles between fill-ups. A rear-mounted tank collects the car’s exhaust water, which kept Kruger and Jackson well hydrated as they test-drove it on a road trip through Death Valley, CA.

Hyundai and Toyota have recently announced their venture into the world of hydrogen powered vehicles, so it won’t be long before we see a more sustainable way of travel offered to the masses. Shell recently predicted that petroleum-powered cars could be extinct by the year 2070, but until then, be careful about where you put your mouth.

VIA Huffington Post

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  • bruce dp

    Its perfectly safe, as the water is pure h20 from a fuel cell powered by hydrogen (h2), extracted/reformed from natural gas (ch4), that came from a ground well (a limited fossil fuel source).

    I was at EVS-17 in October 2000 Montréal, Canada and drove the h2 fcvs they had. There were goofy new items back then too that showed people drinking the water from fuel cells (they did not state though that it comes out piping hot, and has to be cooled down before drinking). Only a local utility (Hydro Québec) used hydroelectricity to crack water to make the h2.

    So, at EVS-17 they were drinking water made from water, whereas Kruger is drinking natural gas water.

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