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by Maria Mooney
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Mercedes-Benz has debuted a zero-emissions, hydrogen powered automobile, and the luxury car company has Diane Kruger and boyfriend, Joshua Jackson, drinking from the exhaust pipe to prove it. The B-Class F-Cell Electric Car only emits water, so the Hollywood couple is safe from toxic exposure and essentially sucking in pure H2O.

Hydrogen is converted into electricity to power the multi-purpose vehicle, and it can travel 190 miles between fill-ups. A rear-mounted tank collects the car’s exhaust water, which kept Kruger and Jackson well hydrated as they test-drove it on a road trip through Death Valley, CA.

Hyundai and Toyota have recently announced their venture into the world of hydrogen powered vehicles, so it won’t be long before we see a more sustainable way of travel offered to the masses. Shell recently predicted that petroleum-powered cars could be extinct by the year 2070, but until then, be careful about where you put your mouth.

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