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Fur sales increase after Joe Namath wears fur coat to SuperbowlFur sales increase after Joe Namath wears fur coat to Superbowl

Fur Sales Increase after Joe Namath's Super Bowl Coat

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All it took was a brief coin toss on screen to undo years of animal rights organizations’ work to educate people about the fur industry.

According to The Detroit News, fur coat stores are booming with customers who want a replica of former New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath’s fur coat worn at Superbowl XLVIII.

“It has driven people to our showroom,” said Clay Campbell, who owns Wolverine Furs in Detroit and also reported a 20 percent increase in traffic to his website. “(Customers) are taking the time to find out more about what they saw on the screen, so it has been a positive for us.”

Other stores in the area have also reported a similar increase in sales and customer visits since the Seahawks and Broncos game aired on February 2nd nationwide despite backlash from activists as soon as Namath’s $3,000 coyote and white fox-trimmed coat appeared on screen.

“No matter what he spent on that eyesore, the animals who were trapped, bludgeoned, electrocuted, or skinned alive for their fur paid a lot more — the ultimate price, in fact — and viewers across the country agree that it was too high a price, as demonstrated by the outpouring of anti-fur messages that hit Twitter the second that Namath’s coat hit the screen,” said PETA, one of the most recognized anti-fur and animal rights groups in the world in a statement.

Actor and activist Ian Somerhalder responded to Namath’s wardrobe by tweeting his followers a link to remind people that due to its cruelty, furs are being dropped from stores’ inventory. QVC and Land’s End are some of the major retailers who have stopped selling any items with fur in them after watching PETA’s video on how the fur industry operates. Hopefully more people in the Detroit will take the time to watch it too.

Via The Detroit News

Photo Credit: CBS New York

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  • Cest lulella

    That sucks. What a door knob that guy is and the people who want to emulate his ignorance. What a world we live in!

  • Snaptrap

    All these animal rights activists who don’t like animals being killed for furs or used for entertainment but yet love something that completely opposes what they believe in. In this case it’s football. I love the environment but I also love a sport where hundreds of vehicles pollute the air for entertainment. Self defeating society. Prioritize your beliefs or STFU.

    • designby

      Having a “zero” footprint is next to impossible. But thankfully, it *is* possible to live a life of compassion and avoid to egregious harm to living beings. This is not a problem of priorities. It is a positive action.

  • Julie

    So, if Joe Namath jumped off a cliff…

  • Glenda Champion Corley

    Those animals would have died anyway…All those great hunters who ride around in helicopter .just like the people who have to many animals…they are charge . the animals are taken in and a few days later they have killed them.Plus fur coats stay warm, while others will just soak up the cold.

  • Blair Hansford

    I would like to say that the PETA quote is Ridic… 9 out of 10 furs are taken by legal trappers. They do not skin animals alive or electrocute them, they do not suffer and are often nuisance creatures that are stealing live stock or an invasive species like the coyote in nammoths coat. How do I know this, bc I started trapping this year. Kills are instantous and without suffer.
    Another crazy fact for you, the number backer of the “stop Fur Movement” is the folks at places like dow chemical that make billions on on Synthetic fiber (faux fur). They waste tons of oil, have huge outputs of polution into waterways and our air, and use a tiny % of the profit to back radicalist groups.
    What would be a smart alternative to oil laced faux fur? How about game management to provide a renewal resource like fur. THere is no shortage of fur bearing creatures and the way each state currently manages the population with quotas and regulations, it is self sustaining.

    • 7in1

      I would like to have your fur on my shoulders Sir. Don’t worry, kills are instantous and without suffer.

      • blair

        You are an idiot, no fur on humans in case u didn’t realize that… but you are welcome to come try sometime. You kill a whole lot more animals with your day do day commodities than u think my friend

        • 7in1

          who’s said that you are HUMAN?!

  • zanalee

    Someone should have put a bullet between his eyes!

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