Killer whale in captivity is permanently bent from abuse.
by Maria Mooney
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Sam Simon, American director, producer, writer and philanthropist, tweeted a disturbing photo of a killer whale in captivity at Mundo Marino in Argentina on Friday. The tweet read: “This is Kshamenk, the most abused orca in the world, permanently bent from living in a pool.” In 1992, a male killer whale, now approximately 25 years of age, was captured during a forced stranding, along with three other killer whales, to be held in SeaWorld’s captivity. Named Kshamenk, the killer whale was only 5 years old when he was plucked from the sea and turned into a “cash cow” for the public’s entertainment.

Kshamenk was the only survivor taken into captivity. One was returned to sea because it was too large to transfer, another died in transit and the third died by apparent “suicide” after repeatedly crashing into the walls of the pool where it was housed. Captivity is deteriorating this magnificent creature both physically and emotionally. Kshamenk is sexually frustrated, angry, depressed and hostile to his trainers, which can be dangerous for both killer whale and human.

According to a petition on, it is believed that Kshamenk is a great candidate for reintegration into the wild because he had approximately 5 years at sea before being captured. He most likely learned how to feed, communicate and survive on his own as a youngster and could pick up where he left off decades ago.

Free, Kshamenk!

Photo Credit: @SamSimon

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  • Shannon Robinson

    The petition says it’s closed?

    • Alisa

      Try again Shannon. I was able to sign the petition.

  • ziggypop

    What do we do to save this poor thing from him human imposed hell?

    • Mario Ride

      sign petions, talk with everybody you know, never go to circus with any animals, be vegan and embrace everyday with new hope for a better world.

      • June Bug

        everything Mario said minus the vegan bit

  • Pat Lyons

    Keep placing links to this story on facebook for anything in Argentina be it tourist pages, football teams, Government pages just keep posting the link. Let more people see the tragedy.

  • Jen

    So what happens when this one is freed? Do they take another into custody?? Abuse and destroy another? As soon as this one is back in the ocean, they will be looking for another to replace it! These people are only as selfless & generous as their pockets can afford!

  • Gina

    Can someone post the link pls I cannot scroll down to previous posts :(

  • Carolyn Emole

    Horrible, tragic, heartbreaking… incredibly sad that I pray the day when all this slaughter and kidnapping will end. Signing petition now.

  • Wyatt Need

    It is complete and utter slander for you to state that this animal was to be held in SeaWorld’s captivity. This is a lie. Then again that’s what activists do lie, mislead, misrepresent the truth to try to sway the ignorant. Well done!

    • emc

      Doesn’t matter dipshit. These creatures should not be in parks.

    • scouse

      Would love to see you spend the rest of your life in a box. Dick head.

    • ETJ

      Look up what Mundo Marino means before you call people liars. And in fact Seaworld USA has purchased semen from this orca so they are not innocent either.

    • Maral Kalinian

      oh right @wyattneed:disqus so its true this picture isn’t a seaworld location, but it is a seaworld AFFILIATE- that is true, how so? well, Seaworld buys his sperm to impregnate their females on a regular basis, so that is why he is sexually frustrated, and that is why they have him there in the first place…once you understand the motives behind sea worlds antic you realize why they perpetuate the need to keep him there. Just put urself in his position for a minute. No other of your kind around and only used for “milking” procedures which leave you shuttering, depressed, violent. All his “trainers” know to keep away from him around those times and only approach to feed him dead fish. You can’t deny this picture is compelling, can you?! We are not extremists, we are not even activists, we are normal private citizens who are speaking out voluntarily against this industry to change or die out.

  • Gonda Brincat

    Barbarians! How can they be so cruel. Free him please!

  • Gail Ryan


  • teresa bonelli

    Kshamenk necesita ayuda del exterior,.de lo contrario morira en esta pileta sucia en mi pais ,Argentina.


    El delfinario Argentino que tiene a Khsamenk es el peor del mundo.,y a el gobernador Daniel Scioli no le importa porque el mismo es cazador,pobre Khsamenk.

  • Ilona Csatlos Graudins

    Anyone any updates about this