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Gretchen Wilson Does Her 'Research,' Still Performs at SeaWorld

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We’ve been watching performers cancel their gigs at SeaWorld Orlando for months now. Many of them have been vocal about their opposition to the treatment and confinement of SeaWorld’s animals, some of them gave a nod to the documentary, “Blackfish,” and some just admitted that they want nothing to do with the controversy surrounding the marine park. Despite all the information out there, one singer performed at SeaWorld’s ill-fated Bands, Brew & BBQ event with much enthusiasm: country singer, Gretchen Wilson, known for her song, “Redneck Woman.” But her announcement on Twitter of her decision to perform at the event may have you scratching her head.


“Research”?! What research? Her sleuthing clearly did not include watching “Blackfish,” reading countless expose’s on SeaWorld’s mistreatment of animals, or talking to anyone other than a SeaWorld employee (probably the one who signs the checks). Naturally, Wilson’s confusing tweet stirred up a lot of reactions from Twitter followers. Some of those reactions include:

“If you would have done your “research” you would not be playing Seaworld. Period.”

“RESEARCH???? Really? And just what research have you done? Researched your bank account & sold your integrity to SeaWorld! #Blackfish

And Wilson’s diplomatic response to all the hubbub?


It’s one of those things you hear where the only response can be, “Really? REALLY?”

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Photo credit: Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

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  • Karen Hart

    Blackfish is a propaganda film. there is other research out there if people take the time to go find it



      • 88mine88

        Karen, animals are not ours to do what we want with. Anyone who supports the abuse of animals, wether it be for food or entertainment is wrong. They are sentient beings just like you and me.

        • Do you share this same empathy for your fellow men suffering across the globe? Probably not…you know that whole, don’t see it, don’t acknowledge it issue a lot of the world seems to have.

          • Liane Blanco

            So, because we don’t bring up the suffering of every fellow creature when we talk about Sea World, then our opinion doesn’t matter?

            You’re very stupid, aren’t you? You should work on trying to hide that…

          • LeslieSu

            Why do you assume things about 88mine88 if you dont know him or her? You know, plenty of people concerned with the well being of animals, are also concerned for their fellow men and women, and are actively doing things to improve life for others. One thing does not exclude the other, you know?

          • Robbie H.


        • Karen Hart

          Sorry but I am a carnivore, don’t believe in vegetarianism or veganism, and wear leather. To each his own

          • Mandi Merlenbach

            Humans are not carnivores. We are opportunistic omnivores. Being ignorant about where your food comes from is disgusting. Go watch the documentary Earthlings.

          • Karen Hart

            I only eat meat.

          • VeggieTart

            You’re a carnivore? All you eat is meat? How are you not dead yet? And why are you on a site that promotes environmental veg*anism?

      • Fred your blatant attack on this women makes you even less of a person. If you can’t present your debate without resorting to personal attacks and sheer stupidity you shouldn’t be attempting to debate with someone. Like it or not Blackfish is sensationalist media to make suckers feel empathy for their cause. I am not saying what SeaWorld is doing is right, but neither is the company that produced Blackfish. Also I certainly hope you are so vocal and prominent in the outcry for medicinal aid for underprivileged people, sustainable housing for low income families and many other more prominent social issues. Anyone that is concerned for a bloody sea mammal, before their own species is even less of a human than the CEOs at SeaWorld.

        • Robbie H.

          Funny how you people try to change the subject. One can be concerned for both humans and animals. It doesn’t have to be either or. SeaWorld has had it’s one sided propaganda agenda out for years now. Lying to the public, covering up truths. And you call blackfish sensationalist media?

      • Clyde Kadiddlhopper

        You are correct…. it is out there… a growing body of research that Orca and other cetatceans do not belong in small enclosures for human entertainment… The things they could learn from them in captivity was learned long ago… Now it is just a show… Just like dancing bear shows long ago… They lost favor too… Karen Hart…. I suggest to you … put yourself in your walk in closet or bathroom…. now live there ..say for 3 months so you can get a good feel for it… without normal stimulus..no tv, electronics, books.. etc… maybe a dog toy or two… be fed a diet that you would not normally eat…. how bout a little forced sexual stimulation performed so you will reproduce…. oh.. yeah..no family contact… no friend contact….. .. how bout daily performances … being forced to put on a display of things you have been trained specifically to do .even if they are unnatural…. To all this… add the constant thumping and screaming …. and the loud music … things you have no control over….. … Seriously… try it… … I think you will find it very uncomfortable and you will want out.. and go a little nuts…. the difference is.. for you there would be an end in sight… For the Orca and Dolphins..there is none.

      • Karen Hart

        Actually Seaworld doesn’t purchase stock from the Taiji dolphin hunts. Of course you wouldn’t probably know that because you get all your info from biased documentary films.

    • Clyde Kadiddlhopperb

      You are correct…. it is out there… a growing body of research that
      Orca and other cetatceans do not belong in small enclosures for human
      entertainment… The things they could learn from them in captivity was
      learned long ago… Now it is just a show… Just like dancing bear
      shows long ago… They lost favor too… Karen Hart…. I suggest to you
      … put yourself in your walk in closet or bathroom…. now live there
      ..say for 3 months so you can get a good feel for it… without normal
      stimulus..no tv, electronics, books.. etc… maybe a dog toy or two…
      be fed a diet that you would not normally eat…. how bout a little
      forced sexual stimulation performed so you will reproduce…. oh..
      yeah..no family contact… no friend contact….. .. how bout daily
      performances … being forced to put on a display of things you have
      been trained specifically to do .even if they are unnatural…. To all
      this… add the constant thumping and screaming …. and the loud music
      … things you have no control over….. … Seriously… try it… … I
      think you will find it very uncomfortable and you will want out.. and
      go a little nuts…. the difference is.. for you there would be an end
      in sight… For the Orca and Dolphins..there is none.

    • Stella Sutkiewicz

      And that ignores the fact that IF it were… Seaworld would have sued CNN not only for Blackfish but for all the coverage since and if Seaworld is so magnificent and such a blessing to animals… why don’t the condemn the hunting and murder of their cash cows. *listens to crickets while waiting for an answer*

    • LeslieSu

      Like what? The souvenir store in Seaworld?, or the shows? or the teenage staff? or the trainers,maybe the food stall? Great sources!!

    • Robbie H.

      And what SeaWorld tells the world isn’t propaganda?

  • Alyson_Fernandez

    Seaworld has been throwing around the word propaganda, so all their groupies, like sheep who cannot think or research themselves are suddenly throwing the word around also. Seaworld should really have a better understanding of the term considering they wrote the “propaganda” bible

    • loveofcircus

      how about this word Bull shit.

  • Mo Brock

    What, Amanda? You didn’t like my response to Ms. Wilson’s “unborn baby” deflection? 😀

  • Dawn Stackalis

    She’s a one hit wonder and her education now shows the reason why.. You just don’t get any dumber than this . She has no integrity , she is about the dollars she can get from Slave World because she wasn’t talented enough to make it in the real world of music!

    • Evan Sanders

      I think they call people like her “one trick ponies,” a hillbilly aspiring to become a redneck.

    • whatever….

      Yup… She did her research alright.. She researched she could make some money doing a show. I wonder if she knows that Orca and Tuna are not the same…..

    • Robbie H.

      What hit? Never heard of her before.

  • jj research

    Sounds like she did more research than blindly following a movie that others now think is gospel. Lets look at just a few facts. 1. PETA hates SeaWorld wants them shut down. 2. Put money behind the movie to sway public opinion. 3. PETA kills 80% of the animal that are put in their shelters. SeaWorld has been able to save and return back to the wild 70% of the animals they have rescued.
    All researchable and factual. My research tells me PETA is the real company without a heart and out to hurt animals not SeaWorld.

    • 88mine88

      PETA is wrong and so is SeaWorld. Animals are not ours to do what we want with.

    • GretchenHatesAnimals

      You try living your entire life inside a bathtub and tell us how great that feels…because that’s what those poor whales are doing at SeaWorld…living in tiny tanks when they should be free in their natural environment..the OCEAN.

      • Karen Hart

        They are whales not humans and nobody has a damn clue how they feel because last time I checked we can’t communicate at all with marine mammals. People need to stop giving animals human feelings

        • Stella Sutkiewicz

          You need to learn to read and figure out the difference between living in an ocean and living in a tank and then use your sad intellect to explain why dolphin parents COMMIT suicide when their children are ripped away from them by the pestilence on humanity who perform that degrading and disgraceful task. Can you figure out from that little clue the emotional life of a cetacean – their limbic brains (the emotional processing function center ) is larger than ours – possibly larger than some folks especially ) so this kidnapping process is arguably harder to them than a human child being taken on a systemic level. AND UHM… If Blackfish weren’t factualy… Seaworld could have sued by now… so.. there goes that up in FLAMES.

          • Karen Hart

            I have been reading about dolphins and whales in and out of captivity including research papers for 38 years. I have yet to read about one dolphin committing suicide except for a statement from Ric O’Barry. Funnily enough Cathy was never autopsied so we really have no clue why she died. Seaworld may sue yet. You never know. they may just be biding their time until the stockholders meeting

          • Crystal Timmings

            Good for you Stella! Way to make these haters eat their words:)

        • Robbie H.

          Orcas and dolphins have been documented to experience grief and loss. They can even recognize themselves in mirrors. Do the research.

        • Crystal Timmings

          Oh look another muppet how easy to pick them out!

    • Liane Blanco

      You are so full of shit.

    • Robbie H.

      Ah yes the PETA myth put out by the Center for consumer Research which was created by the meat and tobacco industry. As far as PETA hating SeaWorld I think they have a good reason to.

    • Crystal Timmings

      You must work at Seaworld or perhaps your just one of their many Muppets?

  • Laura Truax

    Who in the hell is she? Never heard of her. If this is all that sea world can get to play at their stupid show…. Lol. A washed up rock turned country guy and this person who no one knows… Bring it on. All of the well known performers wouldn’t be seen Dead at this show….IIt’s only the ones that haven’t got anything to lose that are willing to perform.

    • Evan Sanders

      She’s a NOBODY which is why she desperately needs the cash by performing at shows that unscrupulously exploit wildlife.

  • Mamajoy2013

    Did your research and still performed at SeaWorld?? Orcas in the wild have an average life expectancy of 30 to 50 years—their estimated maximum lifespan is 60 to 70 years for males and 80 to over 100 for females. The median age of orcas in captivity is only 9, and orcas at SeaWorld rarely make it even to the average life expectancy of their wild cousins. SeaWorld confines whales who often swim up to 100 miles a day in the wild to tanks that, to them, are the size of a bathtub. An orca at SeaWorld would have to swim the circumference of the main pool 1,900 times in one day to swim that same distance.

    • Karen Hart

      You are aware that all of the estimated maximum lifespan data is based on a lot of assumptions and there is absolutely no scientific evidence to back it up right? The oldest known Orca in captivity is Corky who is a 48 year old female. Tilly is over 30.

      • Robbie H.

        Actually there is a lot of research going on in Washington. One female is over 90. Regardless, the orcas in SeaWorld need to be on constant antibiotics, ulcer meds and fed gelatin just to stay hydrated. They don’t need these things in wild.

  • Jenny

    Gretchen has the freedom to chose what she wants to do. I saw blackfish and it was scary. However – since she isn’t as popular as she was- she probably needs the $$. Some may disagree with her playing at seaworld but she has the right to do it- u can’t fault her for that.

    • Robbie H.

      However when you are in the public eye don’t you have a moral obligation to do what is right?

  • Rose-Anne Maclean

    Gretchen the pig…..

  • Holly B.

    Lol… I love how, when they don’t like something that “liberals” are getting behind (because, ya know, only liberals care about anything besides the almighty dollar) they say that its sad how we put so much energy into something like this instead of focusing that energy on banning abortion (what I am assuming she is referring to) . Its the ultimate cop-out.

    • Actually I think she is probably referring to the humans across the world that don’t get healthcare, don’t have a house to live in and otherwise live in the worst possible conditions imaginable. If said people found out most of the first world cared more about some whales instead of their own brothers I am pretty sure they would be just as disgusted as I am.

      • Frank Garrett

        She said unborn babies. That means abortion.

      • Robbie H.

        Can people care about both? Compassion usually extends to all suffering. Why does it have to be one or the other with you people? I have volunteered with he Peace Corp in several countries and I still am concerned about how a corporation exploits these animals for profit.

  • Snaptrap

    Country musicians are easy pickings. At least Willie still places his values before $$$.

    • merkinfuzz

      Especially after a few bong hits …..

      • Snaptrap

        I’m not a fan of drug use either. The only reason that I don’t listen to his music.

  • Evan Sanders

    I suspect she researched the impact of Sea World’s dollars on her financial portfolio, negotiated top dollar, and decided to take their offer and perform there. Money trumps values.

    The comment about saving unborn babies seems disingenuous, because there are living children throughout the world without warm loving homes. Should not she be concerned about giving those living children full lives, in the spirit of celebrities like Angelina Jolie, instead of tweeting ingenuous tripe about bringing fetuses to full term (“saving”) unborn babies that parents without birth control continue to conceive?

    • VeggieTart

      Because “unborn babies” (a contradiction in terms, Gretchen, as they are fetuses before they are born and babies after) are more important than whales who are suffering in captivity and even human children who have already been born.

      • Rob

        so basically you’re saying that murder is okay? Really, REALLY?

  • Her music sucks anyway

    She researched her pocketbook. It’s okay Gretchen, we forgive you but stop acting like you really researched whales living in swimming pools.

  • Clyde Kadiddlhopper

    So, Gretchen Wilson’s Next gig is… Poster child for ‘Post-Natal” abortion.

  • Frank Garrett

    Another heartless conservative. Big surprise.

  • unixgrl

    I’m sure she can’t wait to see all 10 of her fans.. She is a disgrace for actually stating she did her research and still decided to perform at the Orca prison.. Shame on her..

  • James Burtnett

    Never heard of her DUMB ASS! BLAST HER FB PAGE if she has one!

    • GretchenHatesAnimals

      Crap…won’t let me post the link to her FB page…she DOES have one and she’s making her comment about babies (from above ) on the page!

    • GretchenHatesAnimals

      I’m pleased to say she is getting BLASTED over there too!

  • James Burtnett

    Everyone throw her a nasty Tweet!

  • GretchenHatesAnimals

    I suppose that when you’re officially a ‘has-been’, you have to take whatever work you can get, huh Gretchen? You’re no longer the ‘Redneck Woman’, you’re officially the ‘I Approve of Whale Abuse Woman’. I’d like to say that you ‘jumped the shark’ on this one, but you did that ages ago.

    • Karen Hart

      ROFL…Majority of bands that were “scheduled” to play at Sea World and Busch Gardens are has beens.

      • Robbie H.

        However they had long SOLID careers. Not sure I would call Willie a has been.

  • Laura Genesis Onetwentynine-Ve

    desperate for money. after all the love of money is at the root of all evil. who is she anyway someone from american idol or the gong show hahahaha

  • Hypocrites

    So… How many if you have been to a zoo in the past year?….

    • Snaptrap

      I went to a zoo in ’84. I’ve never been to a zoo since.

    • LeslieSu

      I don’t even remember how old I was the last time I went, I was a kid. Never been in one since.

  • Justin

    The family of Dawn Brancheau about the film Blackfish…worth the read…


  • The Dude

    1. Never heard of this woman.
    2. Is she seriously suggesting there is no effort in this country to stop abortion?
    3. She’s must be some kind of deep thinker this one.

    • Jared Nelson

      There may be efforts to stop abortion but…it is still happening way more than it should so, she should not be knocked for a gentle reminder!

      • Stella Sutkiewicz

        Frankly… I’m sick of people who think that can use abortion to justify animal cruelty as if their idea of compassion mattered more. Any fetus, aborted or not, is the product of two human beings who knew what was going on to create it and the possible fetus that could result. THOSE two humans are alone responsible for that fetus. An animal taken from the wild deserves compassion JUST as much and it existed already and was NOT the product of two humans engaging in sex. Ergo – taking it from its home and starving it into doing bullshit for uncaring or uninformed masses is worse.. because the crimes of kidnapping, torture, and false imprisonment are being committed on a sentient being. If GW doesn’t want to abort a baby — that’s her body but if she wants to aid and abet crime… she deserves calling out.

  • clay

    Great job Gretchen! It’s nice to see someone who actually saw how false blackfish was – full of lies and misinformation and not swayed by an emotional activist film funded by PETA.

    • LeslieSu

      And what is exactly the thruth? You really think it is ok for animals that are used to travel long distances with their families to live their entire lives in a pool? Would you like the same for you? o your family? So you think your nobody singer is right, well, by all means “inform”us of what you believe the real situation is. Let’s see if you can at least say something slightly coherent.

      • Karen Hart

        I think it is ok for animals to be in captivity. Some of you don’t agree. nobody is ever going to agree 100% on anything. Research shows that the animals at Sea World are well fed and well taken care of and improvements are being made to their current living quarters.

        • Montanna Marie Kocher

          I think it’s okay for you to be locked in a concrete room for the rest of your life with people constantly making you do things you don’t want to do. Go ahead and do something wrong so they don’t feed you for that day, maybe you can sit there starving in your concrete room thinking about how much fun it is. But you know, maybe ‘improvements’ will help you, such as maybe they will make your concrete room a little bigger? But does that matter? It doesn’t change the fact that you are stuck there forever with no way of getting out. It’s okay though isn’t it?

          • Karen Hart

            Yep but I am a human so you would know how I feel. They are whales. Nobody has a clue how they feel. I guess all the endangered species in zoos should also be let out so we can make them extinct instead? By the way there is no starvation…Go to seaworld and do some damn research before discussing it. My guess is you have never been there

          • Mandi Merlenbach

            Several zoos just murdered endangered species. Why do you think that captivity is so awesome again? Oh right because you are ignorant.

          • Karen Hart

            really? Yet you are ok with us releasing whales to the wild to starve to death? Hmmm maybe that would be why I would rather have them at Seaworld…DUH!!!

          • LeslieSu

            Wow, you really are ignorant!! Orcas are predators, they can ALWAYS go back to hunting, they are extremely intelligent, so even if they were away from the wild for long they can learn back their skills, and definitely their instinct will prevail!! DUH!!!

          • LeslieSu

            Sorry, are you just that naive? Of course seaworld will feed you any lies just to have your money. You think you know anything by going there, really? since you agree you wouldn’t like to be captive, I guess you understand the meaning of well being, so you should be able to get in your head that If your nature and your instinct makes you travel long distances every day, it’s not normal for you to be held captive. That’s the nature of orcas, and actually, orcas in the wild DON’T have predators, so they actually enjoy a really good life in the wild. So you DO REAL RESEARCH before you speak, instead of calling research the propaganda made for profit Seaworld is feeding you:

          • Robbie H.

            Orcas at Seaworld have displayed aggression because they become frustrated from performing the same tricks everyday. They experience boredom and grief when separated from their young. I would rather do my research by experiencing them in the wild than at SeaWorld Karen. What you see in SeaWorld is not a real whale.

        • Stella Sutkiewicz

          What research?? Seaworld’s? They’re starved, drugged, and die faster. What a joke. If you were suddenly ripped out of your car and locked in someone’s toilet for the rest of your life… I guess that would be okay.

          • LeslieSu

            Exactly, and when she complains, let’s say it’s not a good idea to release her, because she is not smart enough to get her own food, so captivity is for her own good.

        • Robbie H.

          If you were in prison you would be fed 3 meals a day, given medical care and free housing. Would you be happy?

    • Stella Sutkiewicz

      AND SEAWORLD hasn’t even sued them for the lies… ain’t that amazing. How long have you been an advocate of animal abuse?

      • jj research

        All the footage they used that showed anything bad was 30 yrs ago. So 30 yrs ago maybe it was true. Just like women and people of color could not vote. As we get more educated people change. That would be like the US suing because we had slaves at one point. What you can’t deny are the interviews with the people in the film stating they were miss represented and lied too. You love animals great why do so many people care about these whales because they were exposed to them at places like seaworld now more people care and want to protect them. I am sure no one cares more for those animals then the people and doctors that care of them every day. And you are right the last captive whale that was released died why probably all the radiation and oil in the water today. All I have read are the same few arguments, sounds like one person posting under multiple names or better yet could it be people paid by PETA or CNN just to make ratings and collect donations. Go find out for yourself the truth and weight it. Make an educated decision and stop being sheep. That is what Gretchen did and your bad mouthing her for it.

        • Hufingraz

          jj – You obviously didn’t watch the movie, so quit trolling. You sound like a brainwashed SeaWorld employee or at the very least, someone that is getting paid by SeaWorld. Most of the footage that was shown in Blackfish was from the last decade. The footage of Ken Peters being attacked and drug to the bottom of the pool several times was from 2006. That was actually the second time in a little over 5 years that Ken Peters had been attacked by the same orca. Where are all these interviews from people in the film that said they were misrepresented?

    • Robbie H.

      And what Seaworld puts out is truth? They have a big $ reason to lie. And the film was not funded by PETA. Another lie you read on SeaWorlds page?

  • LeslieSu

    Just a nobody trying to get some attention. Of course she wouldn’t cancel, she may not get anyone else to book her, just desperate Sea World.

  • Barb

    Was disappointment that Bill Engvall did the show…let him know on his FB page..can’t understand these entertainers not getting it…so sad…

  • Marilyn Kettle

    She and her ego are part of the problem….NOT the solution to what’s wrong in this world…:/

  • Marilyn Kettle

    Most people think that “Blackfish” is the only thing fueling this outrage. Maybe for some it is but it is more…DO YOUR RESEARCH…I mean really…go back and see what they found since the 1970’s….”Blackfish” is very simply a “reawakening” of the facts but “includes” results of the captures…I don’t and didn’t base my choice to boycott Sea World etc, due “only” to this documentary. In fact, I “wish” it wasn’t so true and accurate…those shows are a joy to behold, as long as you believe those animals are being rescued…the FACT IS, they have been FORCEFULLY CAPTURED. We didn’t have computers in the ’70’s…doing real research is so much easier now. I remember hearing about this “only” on the television news once in awhile…

  • Obviously the Lovely Gretchen Wilson came up a little short on her research. I am sure she would have made a killing performing at ‘Planned Abortion er ah, Parenthood’ clinics across the country.

  • Stella Sutkiewicz

    The only research @gw27 did was how much money she’d get and you know what women who ONLY do things for money are labeled… #tweet4taiji

  • Stella Sutkiewicz

    And f the crap and lies Seaworld is spewing had ANY truth to them… they could SUE CNN and the staff of Blackfish and the ex-trainers and such AND if they did care about wildlife… they would speak out against the slaughter at Taiji instead of profiting from it. #Moneywhores and God help anyone that goes there after they know better.. that’s being a low-life abuser… even just attending.

  • Ali

    I have never heard of her. Obviously needs the money. All the better bands would not be caught dead there. Maybe she should donate her earnings from this gig to saving unborn babies.

  • Paola BreadWater

    Why should I concern myself with nonhuman animal suffering when there are so many people suffering in the world?

    We each have limited time, energy, and money to offer. The causes and cures of human suffering are complex, often distant, and difficult to address, especially by an individual. The causes and cures of animal suffering are often simpler and all around us. Making the choice to adopt a vegan diet can have a far-reaching effect on reducing suffering in the world.

    Peter Singer writes in Animal Liberation:

    Among the factors that make it difficult to arouse public concern about animals, perhaps the hardest to overcome is the assumption that “human beings come first” and that any problem about animals cannot be comparable, as a serious moral or political issue, to the problems about humans. A number of things can be said about this assumption. First, it is in itself an indication of speciesism. How can anyone who has not made a thorough study of the topic possibly know that the problem is less serious than problems of human suffering? One can claim to know this only if one assumes that animals really do not matter, and that however much they suffer, their suffering is less important than the suffering of humans. But pain is pain, and the importance of preventing unnecessary pain and suffering does not diminish because the being that suffers is not a member of our species. What would we think of someone who said that “whites come first” and that therefore poverty in Africa does not pose as serious a problem as poverty in Europe?

    It is true that many problems in the world deserve our time and energy. Famine and poverty…all are major issues, and who can say which is the most important? yet once we put aside speciesist biases, we can see that the oppression of nonhumans by humans ranks somewhere along with these issues. The suffering that we inflict on nonhuman beings can be extreme, and the numbers involved are gigantic… [and] should cause at least as much concern, especially since this suffering is so unnecessary and could easily be stopped if we wanted to stop it. Most reasonable people want to prevent war, racial inequality, poverty, and unemployment; the problem is that we have been trying to prevent these things for years, and now we have to admit that, for the most part, we don’t really know how to do it. By comparison, the reduction of the suffering of nonhuman animals at the hands of humans will be relatively easy, once human beings set themselves to do it.

    In any case, the idea that “humans come first” is more often used as an excuse for not doing anything about either human or nonhuman animals than as a genuine choice between incompatible alternatives. For the truth is that there is no incompatibility here…there is nothing to stop those who devote their time an energy to human problems from joining the boycott of the products of agribusiness cruelty. It takes no more time to be a vegetarian than to eat animal flesh. In fact…those who claim to care about the well-being of human beings and the preservation of our environment should become vegetarians for that reason alone. They would thereby increase the amount of grain available to feed people everywhere, reduce pollution, save water and energy, and cease contributing to the clearing of forests; moreover, since a vegetarian diet is cheaper than one based on meat dishes, they would have more money available to devote to famine relief, population control, or whatever social or political cause they thought most urgent.… [W]hen nonvegetarians say that “human problems come first,” I cannot help wondering what exactly it is that they are doing for human beings that compels them to continue to support the wasteful, ruthless exploitation of farm animals.

    Nobel Laureate Romain Rolland wrote in Jean Christophe:

    To one whose mind is free, there is something even more intolerable in the suffering of animals than in the sufferings of humans. For with the latter, it is at least admitted that suffering is evil and that the person who causes it is a criminal. But thousands of animals are uselessly butchered every day without a shadow of remorse. If any person were to refer to it, they would be thought ridiculous. And that is the unpardonable crime. That alone is the justification of all that humans may suffer. It cries vengeance upon all the human race. If God exists and tolerates it, it cries vengeance upon God.

  • loveofcircus

    I love the Gretchen Wilson is willing to stand up against the propaganda.

    • LeslieSu

      I love how being ignorant gains this nobody singer a few equally dumb fans

  • Teresa Wagner

    Perhaps Redneck Woman needs reading lessons. Obviously she didn’t read any “research.” It seems that she cannot read, only sing.

  • julie

    Read her tweet again – FANS capitalized. It means not enough of her FANS care about the suffering of animals, so she doesn’t either.

  • Beth Sanders

    She needed beer $.

  • J.H.

    I would never perform at Seaworld and am highly against whales in captivity! Blackfish changed my life. But I do agree with her to a small extent…i wish there would be this much effort put into shutting down abortion clinics and saving LIVING BREATHING HUMAN BEINGS.

What About Zero Waste?

Going vegan must be at the heart of any environmental discussion.

Why it doesn’t matter if the Impossible burger is healthy

The Impossible burger doesn’t need to be overtly healthy – it just needs to be vegan.

France’s ban of faux-meat branding won’t stop veganism

I’ll take “mycoproteinous food tube” over a tube of dead pig any day.