Another giraffe named Marius may be killed at another Danish zoo
by Natalia Lima
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It is definitely not a good time to be a giraffe in Denmark.

Just days after the Copenhagen Zoo euthanized a healthy 18 month old giraffe named Marius, another Danish zoo has announced one of theirs may have the same fate.

Incredulously, the giraffe’s name is also Marius and he would be euthanized to make room for a female giraffe so the Jyllands Park Zoo in Western Denmark can participate in the European Breeding Programme. His life is hanging by the thread of the program’s coordinator, who will make the final decision on his future.

“If we are told we have to euthanise [Marius] we would of course do that,” said Jyllands’ zookeeper Janni Løjtved Poulsen, who stated the worldwide protests following the death of the first Marius and even death threats the Copenhagen zoo received after putting him down will not affect the decision at all. “It doesn’t affect us in any way. We are completely behind Copenhagen and would have done the same.”

Jyllands Park is not sure, however, if they, like Copenhagen, will feed Marius’ remains to the lions for the visiting public to see. The brutal scene, in addition to Marius’ unnecessary death, was condemned around the world after news of it spread via the Internet.

Via The Guardian

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  • parrotenchantress

    Animals once born are not disposable… even though these two zoos think so. If they were, the people in charge at both zoos should have been slaughtered 18 months after birth. They were superfluous and unnecessary not to mention stupid, cruel, inhumane and lacking compassion. They caused the animals to be born… but said, oh we don’t need that one… kill it and feed it to the lions. Oh, and let the little children watch…

  • Mothership

    These actions are an utter disgrace to the concept behind zoology….

  • Mary Smith

    It is good the kids saw that being done. hopefully they will grow up so traumatically disturbed that people will learn their lesson

  • Natalie Markova

    High time zoos were banned from sourcing any more animals from the wild and ordered to provide lifetime care and appropriate enclosures for their current inmates. Their argument of providing education falls short when all they are really doing is perpetuating society’s problematic idea that animals are disposable commodities.

  • klara larsen

    It’s time to close down Zoos. They are no good for animals. We should only allow large animal parks. You don’t breed animals, if you don’t have the space. It is not responsible behavior.