deer rescue
by Joan Reddy
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The scenic beauty of a heavy snowfall in East Tyrol, Austria, created a winter playground for skiers, but almost had devastating results for a magnificent looking stag.

The deer was prancing across the forest terrain, when suddenly he fell deep into the soft fresh laden snow. Some skiers in the area, spotted the deer’s antlers protruding out of the snow, and ran to help him.

Fortuanately, the skiers were able to rescue the deer – first, by shoveling the snow around him, then by tying a rope around the deer’s antlers, and finally by pushing him upward from behind.

After the heroes managed to push the deer out of the snow to safety, they were amazed that the timid creature did not immediately take flight. Instead, he rested beside his rescuers, and even let them pet him. It appeared that the deer understood that these people were his friends Perhaps his remaining by their side was his way of thanking them for saving his life.

Video Freerider retten eingesunkenen Hirsch – from nina lachowska on Vimeo.

These skiers are heroes, not only because they saved the deer, but because they had enough compassion to bother to save the deer. The result of their actions showed the good that can come from becoming caretakers of the creatures on this earth, and the special bond that can be made between humans and wildlife, when we become their friends, rather than their enemies.

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  • Gunnar Lee

    The rescued animal was no doubt grateful, and I’m sure this magnificent stag was exhausted from his ordeal. I have a great love and respect for these creatures, and just as much for those who have the kindness and caring in their heart to respect and value another life. I must admit this story touched me deeply in my heart, and it also restores my faith in humankind. God bless these hero’s.