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Another giraffe named Marius may be killed at another Danish zooAnother giraffe named Marius may be killed at another Danish zoo

Chechen President, Moscow Circus, Offer Asylum to Second Marius the Giraffe

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Citing humanitarian reasons, Russian politician and Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov has offered to save Marius, a young giraffe at Jyllands Park Zoo in Denmark, from having the same fate as the one killed last week at the Copenhagen Zoo.

“I’m worried by reports that another giraffe is about to be slaughtered in Denmark. I’m ready to accept Marius for humanitarian reasons. We guarantee him proper living conditions and will take care of his health.” Kadyrov said Thursday in a translated version of a post on his Instagram account. “We can guarantee him the good conditions of detention and care of his health. We hope that this proposal will find a positive response from management [at] Jyllands zoo!”


While it’s unclear what conditions would be like for Marius in a Chechen zoo/sanctuary (especially for a republic regularly engulfed in conflict), it will be interesting to see if Jyllands might even consider the idea. Attempts made last week by zoos in the UK and Switzerland to save the first Marius were dismissed by the Copenhagen Zoo.

UPDATE: Circus artists Edgard and Askold Zapashny from the Bolshi Moscow Circus have offered to buy Marius.

“I am fully aware that the Bolshoi Moscow Circus is not interested in saving the giraffe. I mean as a company, as we specialize in working with animals not in saving them. But my brother Askold and I decided that we are ready to buy the giraffe with our own money, transport it to Russia, provide it with lodging and manage it on the basis of the Bolshoi Moscow Circus. And in the future, I think, a number of Russian zoos will take the initiative and want to save this giraffe. That is, we are not trying to save the animal only for it to become our worker, the task is to save it,” Edgard Zapashny said.

Read the full story here. 

Petitions calling on Jyllands to not kill Marius have reached fever pitch – with one collecting over 87,000 signatures. “We are on our way to giving a very clear message that another killing is unacceptable,” the site reads.

For info on how to help – and the additional petitions to sign, hit the link below. 

+How to Help the Second ‘Marius the Giraffe’ Avoid Execution

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