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American actor and model, Paul Wesley, is making his stance on pig gestation very clear.

The “Vampire Diaries” star has written a letter to one of the country’s leading pork producers, Seaboard Corporation, calling for an end to the cruel and inhumane practice, where cages used to confine breeding pigs are so small that they do not even have enough room to turn around.

Wesley stated, “Until relatively recently, I was oblivious to factory farming conditions innocent animals endure on a daily basis. More specifically, I discovered that Seaboard insists on locking mother pigs in tiny gestation crates, with apparently no plans to move away from that particularly inhumane practice.”

He went on to say, “I can’t seem to comprehend how we, as inherently good people, still take part in some of the cruel methods of the past. I urge you take steps toward eliminating outdated gestation crates, both for the pigs at your mercy and millions of people across the globe who believe the way we treat animals reflects our own humanity.”

Seaboard Corporation is one of the largest and most profitable pork producers in the United States, raising approximately 4.3 million pigs for slaughter each year. Many of the major food companies have moved away from pig gestation and not all farmers take part in such cruel industry practices. One day, we will look back and wonder how human beings, such an evolved species, could engage in such barbaric practices.

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