Axl Rose says Marius' death could have been avoided.
by Maria Mooney
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Axl Rose, American singer, song-writer and musician, took to the Internet to voice his passionate opinion about the killing of Marius, a healthy, young giraffe, at a zoo in Denmark this month.

In an open letter, the Guns N’ Roses vocalist states that although we do not fully understand the breeding practices that lead to the execution of Marius, it is clear that people across the world are outraged and this public cry for justice has not been properly addressed by the professionals at the zoo where Marius was senselessly murdered.

He so eloquently states, “For most normal everyday people that love, care about and enjoy animals this event has been a tragedy. An unexpected, unimaginable and what for many is most devastating a seemingly avoidable horror show that somehow seems lost on the professionals involved and those speaking for the zoo a facility that’s in my opinion thought to exist for the animals, the public, educational purposes and science in as best a sense of harmony as possible. Just as it’s a privilege for the public to visit, view and experience these animals it’s also a privilege to work with and care for the animals and have the opportunity do so while interacting and/or working with the public. Unfortunately somehow in this instance all or much of that seems to have been forgotten.”

Rose calls the event “misguided” and “a crime against the very nature” of those who are supposed to be caretakers and protectors of these beautiful creatures. We can all agree with those statements, but perhaps go even further and begin to question the roles zoos play in our modern day societies and whether or not it is appropriate to hold such wild animals in such confined spaces for public pleasure.

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  • Joanne Rose

    I have always greatly admired Axl Rose and am a long time fan of Guns N’ Roses. The death of Marius was incredibly heartless and extremely barbaric. Thank you to Axl for his open letter addressing this.

  • Paola Paniagua

    That’s awesome :’)

  • Clouse wilhelm

    Couldn’t agree with him more! Gotta love axl!