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Johnny Weir Agrees To NBC's No Fur Policy On Camera

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Johnny Weir, American figure skater, is known for his fur-loving ways, but the current commentator for the Winter Olympics in Sochi has had to forgo some of his styles at the request of NBC. Weir is allowed to rock whatever fashion choices move him with one exception: no fur.

Weir said, “We’ve been having conversations since the fall about how I was going to appear in Sochi. They said go for it, do whatever you want, just on our air, no fur. And that’s something I can understand. I don’t think it’s really appropriate.”

This is a refreshing development considering in a past interview, Weir told Stylelist, “I’m a firm believer in real fur. I don’t believe in fake fur. Despite having death threats and people wanting me to be hurt because I wear fur, that makes me more aggressive in my choice to wear fur. It’s my choice. And I feel like everyone is entitled to that. This is America, after all.”

We are glad the figure skater has respected NBC’s wishes to abstain from fur-wearing on air, but we hope this revelation carries over into his every day life and he starts respecting animals as well as major television networks. No people or animals should have to suffer for fashion. Rock your faux fur, but please leave the real fur where it belongs; on the living animals.

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VIA The Dodo

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  • alice2112

    It’s only your choice when that choice has no victims, so expect people to fight for your tortured victims.

    We have no need for fur. The fur industry is a visceral display of the underbelly of humanity as animals are enslaved and tortured in tiny dark cages their entire lives, and then anally electrocuted or skinned alive for vain soul-less people like Johnny Weir, Kanye West or Kim Kardashian.

    • pnv

      Unless you live in parts of the world where it’s -50 degrees. I would never wear fur, but I would never tell anyone else not to. Preaching is not my thing. Especially preachers who wear down coats and jackets (not that you do…just saying).

      • alice2112

        I would never abuse a child, but I would never tell anyone else not to.
        I would never rape a woman, but I would never tell anyone else not to.
        I would never kill Jews in a concentration camp, but I would never tell anyone else not to.

        Standing up for those who have been abused, tortured and viciously murdered isn’t preaching. Johnny Weir is very outspoken about being pro-fur. Why isn’t he preaching? Why aren’t all the pro-fur advertisements preaching? I guess it’s only preaching when people speak against the cruelty.

        And no, I don’t wear animal skin or feathers either (so many cruelty free options), but I get your point. Lots of people learn about issues one at a time.

  • cooki2581

    yay, go NBC! Boo on Johnny Weir for wearing fur at all. Sounds like he didn’t have a choice to wear fur, not that he chose not to wear it.

  • Evolve Tovegan

    What an ass!

  • Mary Maistrello

    Johnny Wear must really need NBC paypacket and will abide by their rules for the money. A big cheer to NBC for insisting on the no-fur policy, a great big boo to Johnny Wear, a real sell-out. Just don’t wear fur, ever, dumbo! It belongs to the animals who have no choice in living a miserable life, to then be murdered for their skin. They have no choice! You do!

  • arnaud

    what a cheap excuse….

    Wearing fur is not a personnal choice as long as it has such a cruel impact on other’s creatures lives it is rather a dictatorial choice.
    what’s the moral value of a personnal choice which imply the death of 75 millions of animals ? He complains about the death threats (things that I don’t support) but maybe it can also be branded “a personnal choice ” no ?
    Not anything can be excused by the “personnal choice” argument. too easy…

    Johnny wears you are ridiculous.

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