Milk industry gives its "Got Milk?" campaign a makeover.
by Maria Mooney
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It all started in 1994 when supermodel Naomi Campbell donned the iconic milk mustache in the first “Got Milk?” campaign to sell the misconception that the dairy industry has your best interest at heart. Since then, countless celebrities have joined the milk pushing campaign to “improve milk’s image” and convey the idea that “everybody drinks milk, even cool successful people.”

Milk consumption is declining and sales are down, which means the dairy industry has to come up with a new way to push its agenda. A new campaign will premiere on Tuesday with the slogan “Milk Life” and will feature ordinary people selling the idea that milk is the perfect protein rich food that YOU need to be consuming for ultimate health and wellness. “We want to show how milk can help you power through everyday moments and everyday achievements,” said Sal Taibi, president of Lowe Campbell Ewald, the agency involved in the “Got Milk” ads, about the 50 million dollar marketing effort.

We all know this isn’t true and that the milk and dairy industry pushes several misconceptions about milk and its byproducts while covering up and glazing over the fact that its animals are used and abused in inconceivable ways. “Milk is a rich source of protein. There are 8 grams of protein in every 8-ounce serving of it,” said Julia Kadison, interim CEO for MilkPEP, which represents milk processors around the nation, but plant-based protein options are plentiful, delicious and cruelty-free while having health benefits beyond their mucus-forming milky counterparts.

Got milk? How about got almond milk? Or soy milk? Coconut milk? Hemp milk? Rice milk? Instead of Milk life, try plant life instead. Your body and the animals will thank you.

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  • Paola Paniagua

    I make homemade hempmilk, now THAT’s yummy :3 and wayyyyy more nutritious and rewarding than drinking pus, blood, and hormone laden liquid rape xD