Seth Rogan gives an impassioned and hilarious speech for Alzheimer's disease awareness.
by Maria Mooney
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Funny man Seth Rogen showed his compassionate side when he gave an impassioned yet hilariously funny speech for Alzheimer’s disease awareness at the U.S. Senate hearing on Alzheimer’s Research this week.

The heartbreaking disease currently effects more than 5 million Americans, and the “Superbad” star shared his personal experiences with the condition that steals so much from all of those involved. Rogen’s mother-in-law was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s in her fifties, needing full-time care by age sixty, and before that experience, the comedian thought it only affected “really, really old people”, mainly involving “forgotten keys and mismatched shoes.”

The 31 year old actor, producer, director and stand-up comedian said about the disease with skyrocketing death rates, “Americans whisper the word ‘Alzheimer’s’ because their government whispers the word Alzheimer’s. Although a whisper is better than the silence the Alzheimer’s community has been facing for decades, it’s still not enough…(Alzheimer’s) needs to get the funding it deserves and needs.” Death rates are expected to climb if Alzheimer’s does not receive the funding it needs, but Rogen is also focused on reducing the stigma associated with the illness through awareness, education and research.

Hilarity for Charity is working with the Alzheimer’s Association to raise funds and help families that are bravely dealing with the insidious disease. The “Knocked Up” actor said, “Instead of being disappointed that people were misinformed about the reality of the disease, we started to educate them.” Our hearts go out to the Rogens and all of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and their loved ones that so bravely and honorably suffer alongside of them. Let’s take a moment to applaud the caregivers who work so hard, suffer so intensely and are often forgotten.

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