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Victoria Secret model Cara Delevingne’s angel wings turned black in PETA’s eye, after she recently kissed a tiger cub named Louise.

Delevingne and her girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez were visiting the Big Cat Encounters Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada, when the British model decided to take an Instagram photo of herself smooching a tiger. The tiger, Louise, was wearing a chain and being held by her caretaker when Delevingne planted an affectionate kiss on the tiger’s face. “I miss you puddle warrior from lion wings,” Delevingne wrote as the caption on the Instagram photo.

The photo caught the attention of the American animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), whom launched a formal complaint to the United States Department Of Agriculture (USDA) against the ranch’s owner, Karl Mitchell. In the complaint, PETA reveals that Mitchell’s license had been permanently revoked since way back as 2001. Mitchell has been continuing to exhibit animals at his appalling tiger menagerie, even though he is no longer in possession of an exhibitor’s license.

Mitchell’s license was revoked because of numerous violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. Over the years, the USDA has cited Mitchell repeatedly for a wide range of atrocious Animal Welfare Act violations, which include “cruelly withholding water as a training technique, continuing to exhibit big cats illegally, and failing to provide animals with adequate veterinary care and living conditions and palatable food and water  – just to name a few.” According to the recent complaint by PETA, Mitchell has excelled in his barbaric behaviour by “not feeding water to five-week-old cubs.”

Apparently,  Delevingne is also in trouble for the kiss she planted on Louise, as the tiger is too old to be smooched. According to the USDA, people are only allowed to kiss a wild animal that is three months old or less. Louise is more than twice that age, which could have proved fatal for Delevingne. “Michelle Rodriguez and others were lucky this time, but a vigorous and long-overdue criminal prosecution by the Department of Justice could help save animals and people from harm,” PETA said in their complaint.

Although Mitchell has been operating without a license, he has been involved with numerous films and television shows. The tigers from his ranch have also graced the pages of prominent magazines such as Vogue and Elle. He also did a shoot with a recent television reality show on Animal Planet. PETA has already filed a complaint against AP’s “Call of the Wildman” series for taking animals “from their natural habitants and forcing them into stressful, dangerous, and unnatural situations.” PETA’s investigators claim that the “animals were then tormented for the sake of entertainment.”

As long as the legal system continues to allow wild animals to be used in the entertainment industry, they will be exploited – if not by Mitchell, then by others, whose main concern is profit and not the welfare of the animals. These animals should not be removed from their natural habitat, forced into confinement, and abusively cohered into performing unnatural stunts so that people can eat popcorn and temporarily escape into a fantasy world. A make believe world for wild animals in captivity does not exist. Their world is full of real pain, anxiety and stress, with very little chance of escape.

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