Olga Kurylenko stuns in eco-fashion at the Oscars.
by Maria Mooney
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Photo: Red Carpet Green Dress / Trotter PR

In the weeks leading up to the 86th Annual Academy Awards, we reported on actor and model, Kellan Lutz, and Bond girl beauty, Olga Kurylenko, and their plans to wear eco-friendly designs on the famous red carpet. The custom threads were designed by Suzy Amis Cameron’s eco-fashion campaign, Red Carpet Green Dress, and proved without a doubt that you don’t have to trade style for conscious and sustainable designs.

Kurlylenko stunned in a floor-length red gown and Lutz looked dapper beside her in a fitted tuxedo. Both designs were made out of environmentally friendly materials and Kurylenko wore a pair of vegan shoes created by Beyond Skin, an ethical U.K. based footwear and fashion label that partnered with PETA to create a vegan, limited edition, red carpet shoe.

From Just Jared: 

The gown is made from 100% GOTS certified organic peace silk and 100% GOTS certified organic silk. It was first hand-dyed with Sappanwood – a legume which produces a reddish-colored dye and is sustainable due to its fast growth rate – then overdyed with madder root to give it a deeper shade of red.

The “Vampire Academy” actress said about her glamorous gown, “I really admire what Suzy does and it’s important to bring awareness to the fact that we need to be more green. We don’t lose quality or beauty. It just takes a bit of thought.” She added, “It just proved you don’t have to kill animals to wear beautiful things.”

As mentioned above, although the fashions were earth-friendly, they did contain some silk. Silk worms are boiled alive inside of their cocoons during the process to obtain silk. Some great silk alternatives include nylon, milkweed seed pod fibers, silk-cotton tree and ceiba tree filaments, polyester and rayon. We love the idea of eco-wear taking over the fashion world but prefer the vegan options.

red carpet green dress Olga Kurylenko

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