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by Natalia Lima
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Kristen Bell’s love for animals is well known. Whether she’s speaking out about her vegan diet or crying after being up close and personal with a sloth, the “Frozen” actress is always standing up for her four-legged friends. Now the blonde is partnering up with Pet Smart Charities to raise awareness about pet adoptions.

In a video series produced by fellow animal lover and actor Josh Duhamel, Bell is the latest celebrity to participate, talking about how her two dogs, Lola and Mr. Shakes, came to be her best friends.

“Two different families returned her because they said she was an escape artist but she really felt right to me,” said Bell while proudly petting Lola. “About a month in she stopped escaping and now she is my very best friend.”

As for Mr. Shakes, turns out he had a good reason to be shaking. He was first in line to be euthanized at the shelter when Bell swooped in and adopted him to keep Lola company during the day. He still shakes even while he happily sits in Bell’s lap.

Bell also goes on to alert people on why they should follow her example and adopt an animal instead of buying from a breeder.

“I think it’s something people just don’t realize when they’re looking into getting a dog is that dogs and cats and any domesticated animal are vastly overpopulated. There’s a much higher percentage of dogs that need homes than have homes,” she explains. “If you’re going to a breeder you are creating more of the problem by buying new when there are thousands and thousands of pets in your area that are delicious and just waiting for someone to take them in.”

Bell finishes the video daring viewers to go into a shelter to find a new best friend but not before she hugs both of hers tight. Can this girl get any more adorable? We think not.