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Despite Mayor Bill de Blasio's vow on Jan. 1 2014 to ban horse drawn carriages in New York City, he has yet to follow through on his promise.Despite Mayor Bill de Blasio's vow on Jan. 1 2014 to ban horse drawn carriages in New York City, he has yet to follow through on his promise.

Liam Neeson Invites NYC Mayor for Stables Tour, Is Ignored

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Liam Neeson has made it loud and clear that he stands by the New York City horse carriage industry and wishes the city mayor, Bill de Blasio, wouldn’t outlaw them. Luckily, it looks like off screen Neeson has a little less pull than his borderline superhero characters in movies like ‘Taken’ and ‘Non-Stop’.

The native Irishman turned New Yorker has asked that the mayor and all members of the city council visit the largest stable in the city on Sunday before making their decision about the issue, but so far only one has agreed to go. Mayor de Blasio and Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, the main pushers of the ban, have both ignored the request.

According to Neeson and the carriage operators, the mayor and council members should “see it for themselves so they’re educated on what the conditions are,” as one operator who owns five horses, Colm McKeever, put it.

The Clinton Park Stables, located on West 52nd Street in Manhattan, houses 78 horses and according to the carriage industry is an example of how well the horses are treated.

The images recently collected by an undercover investigation by PETA showed a very different reality, however, with horses being trapped in small stalls where they couldn’t properly move and were often forced to lay in their own feces and urine. According to animal rights activist and actress Lea Michelle, who worked with PETA to spread the harsh reality of the horses, the stables are “nothing more than run down buildings that were never designed to store horses.”

Another issue that has spurred the ban and will not be addressed by a stable visit is that of the horses’ safety while on the job. There have been a number of recorded accidents in New York City as well as other urban areas that have horse drawn carriages that often leave both humans and horses injured, and sometimes, dead as the animals are either hit by traffic or get startled by the busy and loud sounds in the streets.

Then there’s their health, which has been scientifically proven to be debilitated by the constant exhaust of fumes from cars, buses and the usual city pollution.

Maybe the reason everyone is ignoring Neeson is because they don’t need a tour to find out the truth. It’s already been exposed and they’re well aware of it.

Via The New York Daily News

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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