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Carriage horse drivers in the Big Apple have a new celebrity endorsement. First, it was actor, Liam Neeson. Now, host of “The Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon has vocalized his support for the horse-drawn carriage business staying in New York City.

Neeson was a guest on “The Tonight Show” recently and Fallon backed Neeson’s efforts to get Mayor de Blasio to reconsider the ban on horse-drawn carriages.

“Horse and carriage is kind of a tradition,” Fallon said during the episode. “Good for you for doing that [inviting the mayor to tour the stables and take a ride]. You don’t have to. You’re a very busy guy.”

Fallon also did not hold back on his thoughts of the efforts from NYCLASS, the animal rights group pushing the ban. NYCLASS supports a horseless carriage alternative of a fully-electric antique-looking automobile for tours of the city.

“That drives me crazy. What is it [Central Park]? An amusement park?” Fallon said on air. “I’d rather just get humans to pull the carriages, whatever we have to do.”

It’s hard to believe that anyone would choose to continue a “tradition” based on cruelty and suffering. When the ban goes into effect, the horses will be retired to sanctuaries and not sent to slaughter. Who would say no to that, but yes to forcing these horses to pull carriages on crowded city streets for long hours? Not someone with the horses best interest in mind, that’s for sure.

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  • http://www.thelilfoxes.com/ Ashlee

    Yet further confirmation that Jimmy Fallon has the IQ of a potato.

  • Josh

    Have Jimmy Fallon pull the carriages.

  • Allen2013

    I’m so glad I don’t have regular TV because I wouldn’t have to watch Fallon’s fat, pallid face. Why doesn’t he get his bulky ass out there and pull fat asses through Central Park???