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by Joan Reddy
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American actor, Dan “Danny” Trejo, who is often cast as a macho character and villain in films such as “From Dusk Till Dawn,” and “Heat,” has a soft heart when it comes to helping homeless dogs and cats. Trejo is supporting the Best Friends Animal Society’s “Save Them All” celebrity photo campaign, by posing with two of his real life family members, Cash and Penny Lane. Trejo is just one of the animal-loving celebrities who has agreed to take part in the photo campaign which will feature famous faces alongside their rescued four-legged friends in support of Save Them All.

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Best Friends Animal Society is the only national animal welfare organization focused exclusively on ending the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters. “At the core of Best Friends’ work is the dream that one day animals will no longer be killed in America’s shelters. By implementing spay/neuter and trap/neuter/return (TNR) programs to reduce the number of animals who enter shelters, and increasing the number of people who adopt pets, we know we can end the killing. We know we can Save Them All,” says Best Friends Animal Society.

Since its founding in 1984, Best Friends Animal Society has worked in partnership with rescue groups and shelters across the country, and has played a vital role in reducing the number of companion animals who lose their lives in shelters. Best Friends Animal Society explains that “[m]ore than 70 percent of cats who enter our nation’s animal shelters are killed, and many of them are indoor community cats who should have been fixed and allowed to live out their lives, instead of being taken to a shelter. An estimated 25 percent of all dogs entering shelters are pure breeds from puppy mills, and the vast majority of dogs killed in shelters are pit-bull-terrier-type dogs.”

“I believe that anyone working with animal rescue has a special place in heaven waiting for them,” says Trejo. “I think the job that Best Friends is doing is wonderful and I am glad to be a part of the Save Them All campaign. Animals have an unconditional love for their owners; dogs are a man’s best friend.”

Besides spending his time helping Best Friends for Animals, Trejo is also the proud parent to five rescued dogs. He may play tough guy roles in the movies, but in everyday life he is a “real man who loves animals.”

Photo Credit: courtesy of Best Friends for Animals

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