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Mayor de Blasio Rejects Liam Neeson's Stable Tour Invite

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Actor Liam Neeson has been volunteering a lot of his time lately to halt the ban of horse-drawn carriages in New York City. Neeson invited NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio last week to tour the stables where the horses are kept to prove that they’re treated well. De Blasio recently told the NY Daily News that he respectfully declines that invite.

“I respect Liam Neeson a lot, I’m a big fan of his work. But the fact is, I put forward a plan and a vision and the people ratified it in an election and that’s what matters most,” de Blasio said over the weekend.

Kudos to de Blasio for keeping his word and keeping the horses’ best interests in mind! NYCLASS, the animal advocacy group that is pushing the carriage ban, says that the stalls are only part of the problem with the primitive mode of tourist transportation and entertainment.

“Spending their lives trapped between the shafts of the carriage and their stalls, is no happy existence for a horse,” said NYCLASS Executive Director and spokeswoman Allie Feldman. “These stables have no paddock for turnout—meaning they don’t get to graze, run and socialize with other horses.” NYCLASS also points out instances where the congested street traffic has spooked and injured horses.

Clearly, the horse-drawn carriage industry is a “tradition” that needs to retire. Thanks to Mayor de Blasio for keeping his commitment to equines and activists!

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  • Rebecca

    Thank you Mayor de Blasio – you rock!!! Thank you for sticking not only to your promise but to humane ethics. I grew up in NYC and am embarrassed that my grandmother, when I was little, “Treated” us to one of those carriage rides. I never wanted to do it again – even as a child I felt disgusted at the sad environment for the horse and how bad the horse looked – the depression was palpable. All I can say is: That is where horse and carriages belong: in my grandmother’s era, but not in this modern city and world. Just because we enslaved animals for our benefit in darker, more crude and desperate ages and times in history, doesn’t mean it is right to continue doing so. The fact that all of the carriage drivers have been offered respectable work alternatives and still deride the compassionate community just shows how thankless they are. How many of us have seen our jobs downsized or phased out in this modern economy and been offered great new jobs by an entire community wanting everyone (animals and people) to succeed? No one I know! It is unheard of and so we need to stop pandering to the small, carriage-horse-driver minority. They don’t rule NYC – COMPASSION DOES. Liam Neesen and Jimmy Fallon are now on the uncool list but I hope they wake up – animal rights issues are not going away; the world is changing and becoming more sensitive to the needs of animals.

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