The Devia family opted for living in their car instead of abandoning their pet Pit Bull Rocco.
by Natalia Lima
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When the Devia family from Walnut Creek, California couldn’t find an apartment that would allow them to move in with their pet Pit Bull, they opted for living in their car instead of abandoning their dog. Now, months later, thanks to a compassionate Pit Bull loving landlord the family has a new apartment to call home.

Rocco is a seven year old black and white Pit Bull with a calm and sweet temperament who is also well trained but all of that didn’t matter to a series of landlords who refused to allow the Devia family to move in as long as they had Rocco in tow.

“I can’t find a place unless I give up my dog, and everyone tells me to, but I can’t do that,” Carol Devia told ABC News at the time. “We’ve had Camilla her whole life and Rocco his whole life.”

Camilla is the couple’s other dog, a five year old lab mix, against which landlords had no issues. Their problem was with the supposedly “violent” Pit Bull.

Fortunately for the Devias, their good karma came back to them after a landlord saw their story on a Pit Bull advocacy Facebook post and offered them a place to live where Rocco can happily run around.

“Pit bull owners are good,” Devia said after knowing she, her husband Peter and two sons will finally have a roof over their heads and their pets’. “The community is there. And it’s an actual community because they all help each other. Thanks to the pit bull community who came together, we have a place.”

Via ABC News

Photo Credit: ABC News

  • cooki2581

    YAY!!! Glad they found a home. I looked for someone with a pit bull when I rented out my house. I had a few people who wanted to rent that didn’t have a pit bull and I told them no. It’s easier for them to find a home than someone with a pit.

  • Lauraine Wilson

    Kudos to the Pitbull-loving Landlord in this case! Very happy to hear of the excellent outcome :-)