Woody Harrelson saves eco-friendly hotel.
by Maria Mooney
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Woody Harrelson, American actor and activist, puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to earth-conscious living. The 52 year-old is teaming up with Jack Dwyer, chairman of Capital Funding companies in Baltimore, to purchase the Inn at the Black Olive, an eco-friendly hotel located in Baltimore, Maryland, for $4.5 million.

The “Cheers” actor stayed at the Inn for seven weeks approximately three years ago while filming the HBO movie “Game Change”, and when he heard his old temporary residence was in financial trouble, he stepped up in a big way. The Inn’s owner, Dimitri Spiliadis, said about Harrelson, “He’s the most humble person you could ever imagine.  When your limousine is a Prius and when you leave your limousine so that you can ride your bike at his level of stardom, that’s a big lesson for all of us.”

It is clear Harrelson, an ethical vegan and raw-foodist, walks the eco-friendly talk, and his choice to stay at the Inn is just a part of that earth-concious strut. The Inn at the Black Olive’s rooms are eco-friendly, and organic foods are the specialty at the Inn’s market. Spiliadis said about his relationship with Harrelson, “Woody’s been a mentor. He kind of really pushed me and inspired me in the world of food, to move to new levels of providing food that’s of incredible importance to people, including raw food and vegan food.”

Spiliadis is in shock over the gargantuan gesture, saying, “It’s an amazing thing that happened. I can’t explain it. I just feel very blessed.” It’s beautiful to see an outstretched hand and a gesture of kindness toward another human being that also benefits the earth and the animals.

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