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Pink thanks mayor De Blasio for pushing the ban on horse carriages in New York CityPink thanks mayor De Blasio for pushing the ban on horse carriages in New York City

P!nk Thanks Mayor De Blasio for Banning Horse Carriages

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The ban of horse carriages in New York City is not official yet but Mayor De Blasio has been so adamant about it that P!nk thinks we should thank him for the effort.

In a statement written by the pop star herself on the PETA website, P!nk starts by reminiscing about how five years ago she appeared on a Times Square billboard aiming to ban horse carriages, bringing some much needed attention to the topic. Now she is glad to see the city’s mayor pushing the ban and actively trying to make it happen.

“His plan to phase out the inhumane horse carriages and replace them with vintage electric cars will provide solid jobs for the current carriage drivers and loving homes for the horses,” she explains about De Blasio’s proposal. “Please join me in showing support for Mayor de Blasio and his commitment to giving the horses the peaceful retirement that they deserve.”

P!nk also mentions how she grew up around horses and plans to make sure those freed from their carriage pulling duties get to live the carefree life they were meant to have  in the wild.

“When they are finally freed, I will be among the first to adopt one of these horses so that he or she can live as nature intended,” vouched the singer.

To follow P!nk’s example, tweet the New York City mayor @BilldeBlasio with the hashtag #TYDeBlasio.

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  • Catherine

    This is completely misplaced energy! 150,000 horses are
    being sent for slaughter in the USA every year with thousands of others
    slowly starving in unfunded, out of sight backyard rescues. These NYC
    carriage horses are just fine. They have homes right now, their own
    herd, good food, exercise, vets and farriers, constant attention and
    monitoring, and people who love and understand them. This attempt to ban
    them is like having a group of vegans shut down NYC restaurants because
    they don’t like people eating steak.

  • Joepro

    “As nature intended”? Do you mean scrounging for food and being hunted down by predators?

  • jinx

    Pink you need to educate, yourself on PETA. PETA kills more than 90% of the animals it supposedly “rescues” NYC Carriage horses have a pretty good life compared to most. It is not easy to just place 200 horses up for adoption. They are personally owned, do you really think they would just let you adopted one? There are thousand of horse going to slaughter everyday bought up by kill buyers please go help them get your priorities right.

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