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There are many different ways to physically exert oneself for a cause: walking, swimming, bowling, dancing, biking, etc. While rides for charity are nothing new, the Escape For Good charity ride happening on May 23rd of this year definitely has some unique qualities all its own. This year, its third annual, participants of the charity ride will be riding from New Orleans, Louisiana to Detroit, Michigan. Teams of two will not only be making a long trek from start to finish, they’ll also be dressed as their favorite heroes. Beyond that, superhero duos will be making the 1,000-plus miles trek with $0 in their pockets.

That’s right: 36 hours. In costumes. Penniless. And all for a good cause!

Teams will have to rely on their wit and persuasion powers. They can call on their followers on social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) to help them raise funds for their chosen charity. The carrot at the end of the stick is a grand prize of an extra $20,000 for their charity, and the runner-up getting an extra $5,000. According to the organizers of the race, “the team that gets the most “Escape Miles,” a combination of distance, mode of transportation (the greener the better), and a treasure hunt along the way, wins the bonus prizes for their charity.” The Seminole Tribe of Florida has generously donated the bonus prizes.

The Escape ride is sure to be entertaining for spectators as well as participants. According to the press release, “…contestants will capture each moment of their adventure via smart phones and cameras, providing followers and fans an inside and instant look as the race unfolds. Content is cross promoted by charities, sponsors, and fans alike, magnifying the race’s outreach to a broad audience. The Escape’s content will be broadcast to millions via traditional media, including radio, television, and online.”

“When we started Escape for Good three years ago, it was all about creating a charitable event that didn’t involve large production budgets, but instead harnessed the power of the internet and social media to impact people’s lives in a positive way,” explained Escape Founder, Rocco Gardner. “On our first Escape for Good, my teammate and I dressed up as giant bunny rabbits and managed to get from NYC to South Beach, Miami. It’ll be fun watching as teams come up with creative ways to make the journey from New Orleans to Detroit. We are excited that the Seminole Tribe of Florida are joining us in our efforts again this year and wish to thank them for their continued support.”

Ready to ride? Grab a partner, choose a charity, and get all the details on Escape For Good here. Check out Escape on Facebook, too.

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