San Diego Mayor declares March as 'SeaWorld Month', ignores protests
by Natalia Lima
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Someone please send San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer a copy of the “Blackfish” DVD.

The San Diego mayor alongside councilwoman Lorie Zapf announced on Tuesday that this March is officially ‘SeaWorld San Diego Month’ to celebrate the theme park’s 50th anniversary. Faulconer credited the park for “rescuing and caring for animals, conducting research, educating students and employing youth,” but the animal right activists protesting the proclamation had a different view.

“Mayor Faulconer should be condemning SeaWorld for its cruel treatment of orcas and other animals, not celebrating its greed,” said Katie Arth, a San Diego native and PETA spokesperson in a statement.

The announcement comes just a week after Santa Monica State Assemblyman Richard Bloom proposed the ‘Orca Welfare and Safety Act’, which would directly affect SeaWorld by banning the use of the animals in performance shows in California. Faulconer criticized the proposal saying it “will only serve to hurt San Diego jobs” as he considers SeaWorld “a critical part of San Diego’s economy.”

There’s no word of how this month dedication came to be but it seems like another one of SeaWorld’s desperate PR attempts as more people learn the cruelty behind their shows.

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  • ericmills

    Hey, here’s a slogan for the Mayor and SeaWorld:

    “50 Years as Slaves”

  • palominogal

    San Diego doesn’t have a stellar track record when it comes to mayors, so this media stunt – no doubt coordinated by the high-priced flak SW has hired to counteract the “Blackfish” radioactivity – is just par for the course. Expect lots more of this trite stuff in the months ahead.