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After a long cold winter, everyone is invited to welcome the first day of spring with “free” vegan food, compliments of the New York-based restaurant, Terri. Although in this day and age, it is hard to believe that an establishment is handing out free food, for one day anyone can go to the Financial District outpost of Terri’s and receive ten dollars worth of food, absolutely free.

Since 1985, it has been an annual tradition for animal lovers across the country to celebrate the Spring Equinox with the “Great American Meatout.” The objective of the “Meatout,” is to increase awareness of the benefits associated with a vegan lifestyle. From abstaining from animal abuse, to preventing diseases such as cancer in humans, to saving the oceans from contamination, adopting a plant-based diet has countless advantages for present and future generations.

The Great American Meatout, coordinated by the nonprofit Farm Animal Rights Movement in Washington, D.C. encourages activists across the nation to increase awareness through outreach events, samplings and speaking to people about adopting a vegan diet. Organizers try to encourage individuals to take the pledge to be meat, dairy, and egg free for one day, one week, or the ultimate pledge of indefinitely living a compassionate lifestyle.

The owners of Terri are freely sharing their food for a day, because they want to spread the word about compassionate living. “Food advocacy has always been a passion of mine,” said Craig Cochran, co-owner of the restaurant, Terri. “For me, Terri’s role is to make healthy and delicious plant-based superfoods as accessible as traditional fast food. We change hearts and minds, one bite at a time.”

Even American business magnate, Russell Simmons, who is a vegan and promotes a compassionate lifestyle wanted to share his enthusiasm with everyone for Terri’s wonderful offer. He tweeted:

Although their main goal is to encourage people to become vegans, they are also hoping that the project will increase revenue for their business, by establishing a repeat clientele. When asked whether there is a financial risk involved in giving away free food, Terri co-owner Michael Pease replied: “Are we taking a business risk in giving our food away? Sure. But, we’re so confident in our product and in people’s experiences when they visit Terri – vegans and omnivores alike – that we know a stunt like this will cultivate repeat patrons and, hopefully, inspire a few new vegans.”

In order to be a successful event, owners of Terri are asking everyone to spread the word about their generous offer of sumptuous cruelty-free “free” food. They ask individuals to consider writing a blog about the event, mentioning it on Facebook, and tweeting about the event on Twitter.

Terri can be found on Facebook here, and on Twitter at Twitter@TerriRestaurant. A selection of social media images are available here. People are encouraged to use the tag #Meatout when sharing.

What: Terri FiDi x Meatout – mention “meatout” and get $10 worth of food for free

Where: 100 Maiden Lane (entrance on Pearl Street) | New York, NY 10038 | 212.742.7901

When: Thursday March 20, 2014 | 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Who: Anyone who mentions “meatout” when placing an in-person order

Why: Because, Love

Photo Credit: Terri Restaurant


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