SamueL L. Jackson is in the best shape of his life and the actor credits his new vegan diet
by Lindsey Little
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Samuel L. Jackson has been making the rounds, promoting his latest movie “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and everyone can’t help but notice his new slim physique.

When asked by a reporter what his secret is, the 65-year-old actor replied, “It’s a new vegan diet.”

“Is it for a particular role?” the reporter inquired.

“No. Just trying to live forever. Trying to finish out my Marvel deal.”

Jackson is referring to his unprecedented nine-picture deal with the studio, first appearing in 2008 as Nick Fury in “Iron Man”.

Jackson also seems to be referring to the incredible health benefits one can enjoy when adopting a plant-based diet loaded with whole foods. Whether he’s protecting his heart, his blood pressure or just fending off cancer, research backs the actor up that a vegan diet can indeed lead to a nice long life. Which is great for us, because we want him to be Nick Fury forever.

The latest installment in the Captain America franchise is his sixth appearance in a Marvel film.

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” hits U.S. theaters April 4th.

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Source: Yahoo! News

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  • AshleyannNews

    That’s great. Keep up the great work!!

  • Joey Godwin

    Hey is that a leather jacket I see? Not very vegan like!

    • Bub

      1. Is it? Or is it pleather? Is there a way to confirm from looks?
      2. There’s many vegans who have leather products from before going vegan, and aren’t going to just throw them away and create unnecessary waste.

    • Eugeniu Sofroni

      “vegan diet” … not vegan lifestyle

      • cath2

        he may have a plant-based diet…but not vegan if he is wearing leather, beating his dog, attending circuses, saying it’s a great idea to support animal-experimentation, etc….you get my drift. Vegan is more than what you eat.

      • Meredith MacVittie

        Indeed, it is. But his diet is “strict vegetarian” or “plant-based.” However, that’s confusing to lay-people, so vegan, though not technically correct, has become all-encompassing.

      • cath2

        i think it is more confusing to infer that veganism is just what you eat….it is a part of considering animals in other ways. Plant based diet is a pretty right on description of what he is doing. Please don’t get me wrong – i think it is great that many celebs and well-known people are getting rid of meat, etc. in their diets.

  • cath2

    nice work Samuel L…but somebody may want to tell these folks that being vegan also means echewing leather, etc. perhaps an old file photo …?

    • Bob Loblar

      Bear in mind, he said, “new vegan diet.” Not vegan lifestyle. I eat a vegan diet, but that is where my veganism(?) ends.

      • devilry

        That’s called strict vegetarian not vegan

      • Ken R. Anderson

        Me too. My diet is vegan. I still wear my leather belt. Perhaps someone needs to come up with a new term. Rather than strict vegetarian for those of us who consider ourselves vegan, but strict vegan for those who refuse to wear leather, etc. For me, strict vegetarian just does not fit or honor the diet or lifestyle of those of us who refuse to eat anything that came from an animal. When I say “strict vegetarian” I have the taste and feel of milk, eggs, and cheese in my mouth – not an enjoyable experience. When I say “vegan”, it does not conjure us such feelings and sensations.

      • owen

        surely it isn’t that hard to stop using animal products fullstop to be honest using soap with lard is just as bad as eating bacon and wearing leather is just as bad as eating a cow why do you care what you are called anyway obviously you aren’t vegan for the right reasons elitist loser

      • Ken R. Anderson

        Well, aren’t you just a kind and gentle soul. My understanding of being a vegan includes compassion . . . not sure how name calling fits with that virtue.

      • owen

        oh yes being compassionate means wearing dead animals…my understanding of being vegan is not using any animal products at all. not whinging about what you are being called. instead of calling yourself vegan to make yourself feel better why don’t you make and effort and actually become vegan? i’m sick of people just using veganism as a fashion accessory.