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We love a good animal rescue story, and the story of Gideon, a sick and abandoned pit bull, will definitely touch your heart.

Gideon was found abandoned in a dump yard with deep lacerations around his neck. He was fearful and trembling when Annie Hart, of the Bill Foundation, and her two assistants came to rescue him. Hart said that it took about three hours for Gideon to start feeling comfortable and start to trust Hart.

Once comfortable with the trio of rescuers, Gideon was taken to Animal Wellness Foundation for assessment and care. Beyond the cuts around his neck, Gideon was found to have multiple bacterial and fungal infections. When Gideon’s microchip was discovered, Hart thought for sure that this story would include a beautiful reunion, but instead, Gideon’s family said they no longer wanted the dog and promptly hung up the phone.

The unfortunate pooch’s infections were so severe and contagious that Gideon had to be quarantined for 6 weeks while they were treated. During those several quarantined weeks, Hart and the amazing staff at Animal Wellness Foundation donned gowns and gloves and visited Gideon every day, introducing toys and playtime. By the time Gideon was healed, he couldn’t wait to shower his rescuer in kisses!

Hart’s video of Gideon’s rescue and transformation will having you shedding tears of sadness, followed by relief and hope. Thank goodness for animal rescuers! Gideon is now in a loving foster home, awaiting his forever family.

Check out the video below. If you feel compelled to help out, you can make a donation to pay for Gideon’s hefty medical bills HERE.

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