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by Natalia Lima
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Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen is asking her country to get with the times and stop using animals in their military training.

Brigitte’s home country of Denmark uses pigs as part of their battlefield training, having the animals shot so soldiers can train to do surgeries and fix them.

“Please stop making our noble military shoot, stab and mutilate animals in these exercises,” she wrote in the an open letter to Denmark’s Minister of Defense Nicolai Wammen. “Treating animals in this way is impossible to justify medically, ethically or educationally and does immense damage to Denmark’s international reputation.”

The Rock IV actress also describes in the letter posted on the PETA website that she “like most people around the world, was deeply shocked” to find out this practice, recently exposed by PETA, was normal in Denmark. She reminds the Danish officials that alternate options are available and begs them to unnecessarily continue to hurt animals.

“I find it hard to believe that Denmark continues to torture and mutilate animals when humane alternatives exist and are used by 23 other NATO nations, including 20 EU states. The choice is not between saving animals and saving human beings: life-like human simulators and other high-tech non-animal training methods have been shown to be more effective at preparing soldiers for battle than crudely mutilating animals…”

First the tragic practices of the zoo in Copenhagen and now this. Looks like Denmark could use a lesson or two on animal rights lately.

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  • Siraganda

    This is great news! Brigitte Nielsen is a top animal rights activist! She did already an ad for Peta against fur! Beautiful inside out lady for the animals! Let’s hope that calling her country to stop these atrocities against innocent pigs shall be successful! I keep the fingers crossed and thank Brigitte Nielsen from the bottom of my heart for her courage and endeavour in helping the animal martyrs!