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joni ernst senatejoni ernst senate

WATCH: Republican Joni Ernst Jokes About Castrating Pigs

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Joni Ernst, a candidate running for Democratic United States Senator Tom Harkin’s seat in Iowa’s Senate, released a campaign advertisement this week bragging about how great she is wielding a knife when castrating hogs.

The quip caught the attention of comedian and host of “The Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon, who invited the forty-three year old state senator to appear as one of his guests. When trying to play the advertisement, Fallon could not make it past her first line: “Hi, I’m Joni Ernst. I grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm,” she says in her debut television advertisement. Fallon responded by hollaring, “Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Do you want to do one more take?…I don’t know what she’s running for, but just give her the job!”

In the ad, Ernst vowed to use her hog-castrating savvy to “make ’em squeal” in Washington, D.C. The full quote goes: “I grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm. So when I get to Washington, I’ll know how to cut pork. Washington’s full of big spenders. Let’s make ’em squeal.” Although her advertisement is supposed to be a metaphor to cutting spending in Washington, it also makes her appear as someone who finds humour and pride in their power over others.

Castrating piglets and cutting off their tails without any painkillers is a customary practice,” said Paul Shapiro, a spokesman for the Humane Society of the United States. It is “one made all the more traumatic because it is often done in front of the mothers who are unable to help their young,” he added.

It is interesting that former Alsaka governor, Sarah Palin, whom is an avid hunter, and presently hosting a hunting series on the Sportsman Channel, threw her support behind Ernst. “If Nebraska’s Deb Fisher can see through the bull in Washington, then Iowa’s Joni Ernst can help her cut through the pork,” Palin wrote on her Facebook page.

Responding to Palin’s endorsement, Ernst said, “As our campaign builds energy toward a primary win in June, Sarah Palin’s roaring support will help me to victory, and as a result, make ’em squeal in Washington.”

If Ernst finds inflicting pain on animals comical, and threatens to castrate her peers, then both people and animals better cross their legs and run for cover, if she wins the Senate race.

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  • Luv the Ernst ad. Upon examining her extensive record, I am now supporting Ernst. Great ad that brings Ernst national attention .. and of course, national campaign contributions. She just won this election 🙂

    • Heather Ayala

      I’m an Iowan, born and raised, who is tired of us being portrayed as hicks, though I am proud of our farmers, the true farmers who are conservationists, who take care of their animals (and don’t smile brag boisterously about causing pain to their animals) and their land. This commercial is ridiculous and has me rolling my eyes. I won’t be voting for her.

      • unless you are an Ivy League educated attorney living in an urban environment .. you will always be portrayed in the media as a hick. Don’t you get that? Quite frankly, being scorned in the media is a badge of honor. Anyone who can invite their wrath gets my immediate attention as someone able to fight the culture war on their level.

        The Ernst ad was hip, clever and charming. That is also received national attention is a huge plus. Conservatives across the country are buzzing with enthusiasm for Ernst. The elitists in their mockery have given Joni a gigantic leg up in this primary race. Contributions are pouring in from every corner of the country.

        Ernst has demonstrated proven leadership, and values throughout her life. No one in good conscience could mock this woman and her achievements.

        I’ve a feeling Ernst would never have had your vote (unless she changed party affiliation).

        • Heather Ayala

          Funny, your feeling is wrong. I’ve been a straight ticket republican voter most of my voting life. I have only voted for 2 democrats in 21 years of voting, and only one of those votes went to someone running for president. When the tea party took over the republican party I switched my registration to independent, because they seriously make me ill with their racist rants and illogical completely untrue propaganda they pass around, but I still vote more with republicans than I do democrats. I am pro life, pro second amendment, and pro being fiscally responsible. I am also pro gay rights, pro conserving our environment, pro protecting animals, and pro doing something about immigration besides building a fence and attempting to deport millions of people. I am also not crazy about Obamacare. I vote on the issues, not because Sarah Palin and the tea party endorsed someone.

          • My early support went to Sam Clovis. Even made a donation to his campaign last year. That’s no reflection on Ernst. I didn’t have any issue with her, and noted She-PAC’s early support of her campaign. As much as I like Sam, gotta be pragmatical. He’s not going to get there. Close examination of Ernst’s long record of public service has gained her my support. Endorsements only confirm my decisions, not form them. Palin’s endorsement is obviously golden. She is extremely popular in Iowa. and her endorsement will reassure undecided Iowa voters.

            Ernst is riding a steamroller right now. She has gained national attention, and widespread support. She is certainly not limited by Tea Party support. Mitt Romney has endorsed her (helpful I suppose). Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds is actively advocating for her. Governor Branstad is tacitly supporting her, lending her his political resources. The only thing supporting Mark Jacobs is his own personal bank account, as he seeks to buy name recognition.

            Btw .. where do you arrive at Tea Party racist rants?? I’ve never seen an iota of that in any Tea Party groups advocacy.

  • Exodus2011

    **Joni no doubt knows that Big Mama Grizzly carries the most CLOUT with Conservative/Tea Partier Grassroots Americans, and should get a huge boost from this Palin endorsement.

    Remember this from 2010?

    “Palin’s ability to propel tea party-aligned candidates into office was a well-documented phenomenon in 2010, when she endorsed over 60 Senate, House and gubernatorial candidates, the majority of whom won. Her midterm travels even inspired The Washington Post to launch a “Palin Endorsements Tracker,” complete with clickable audio of a growling grizzly bear, an homage to her self-styled “Mama Grizzly” image.” ~ Peter Hamby, CNN journalist


    #TeaParty Will @washingtonpost run an interactive Palin endorsement Tracker in 2014, like this 1 they ran in 2010?~> pic.twitter.com/0Lv0NSoFa7

  • Heather Ayala

    Editing this – I’m not actually ashamed to be an Iowan, I’m proud to be from here, born and raised but I am not, nor have I ever been a farmer, though I’m proud of our small family farmers who take care of the land, water, and their animals. People like her though – excitedly smiling while talking about castrating pigs and all of the squealing pics in the background…. it’s ridiculous and disgusting. We are all not like that here.

  • meryllgreen

    Not being an advocate against all animals cruelty could be the down fall of this Lady it will come back to bite her!!

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