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According to the Humane Society of the United States, Hawaii is the third largest retailer of ivory, ranking just below New York and California. Actor and Hawaii resident, Woody Harrelson, wants to see that change. Harrelson has partnered up with the HSUS to urge lawmakers in the Aloha state to end the bloody ivory trade.

Harrelson, a longtime advocate for animals, stated, “No one needs ivory except for elephants. Up to 100 African elephants are brutally killed each day for their tusks. These highly intelligent keystone species are facing the greatest threat to their survival in history. Right now Hawaii has a chance to be a global leader in elephant conservation by ending the illegal ivory trade and setting an example for other states and nations to follow. The world is watching. It is within our power, and our responsibility, to end this cruelty by stopping the blood ivory trade. As a long time Hawaii resident I know how much the great Aloha state has to offer; contributing to the massacre of elephants for their ivory, shouldn’t be one of them.”

Scientists estimate that elephants could become extinct in as soon as 12 years, if the current rate of poaching continues.

House Bill 493 Senate Draft 1, which prohibits the sale of ivory from elephants and other wildlife, is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Ways and Means Committee today, Friday, March 28th. If it passes, it will move on to a full Senate vote.

Inga Gibson, Hawaii senior state director for The Humane Society of the United States-Humane Society International said, “We commend Senate Judiciary Chair Clayton Hee and his fellow Committee members for recognizing the critical role that Hawaii plays in ending the brutal ivory trade. Under this law, Hawaii is poised to be a global leader in elephant conservation. We urge his colleagues in the Senate, and subsequently in the House, to support this legislation.”

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