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No stranger to voicing his opinion to the masses (that’s kind of his job), Bill Maher posted a message for hunters on his blog.

“If you’re delighted to take a life, there’s something wrong with you,” it starts. Maher is responding to a photo that has gone viral on the Internet of a hunter from rural North Carolina who shot and killed a 500-pound boar. Commenting on the photo, Maher quips, “That’s some specimen of a pig. And the boar’s pretty big too.”

While Maher says he gets the argument that “a man’s gotta eat,” he says that taking the life of an animal in order to feed yourself and your family shouldn’t be glorified and should really be “a more solemn occasion.”

He concludes his blog post with, “We kill people too, when we carry out executions, but afterwards the warden and guards don’t high-five and pose with the corpse. That’s what bothers me: the trophy aspect, the absolute glee, the beaming with pride. Get over yourself. You pointed at something, pushed a button, and it died.”

Simply put.

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  • djlangel

    Beautiful mind, beautiful heart goes hand in hand. Ty Bill for leading compassionate evolution :)

  • Kompani

    Well said. If silly people with big guns (and crossbows) could stop going to Africa and killing its glorious wildlife, for ‘fun’, the world would be so much better.

  • ben


  • Sunset_dragonfly

    One of the biggest issues I have with today’s society is that we have distanced ourselves so far from our food, we no longer understand that it WAS once alive.

    I have no respect for poachers, taking a life for the prize of it is disgusting. However, I truly believe we should all be required to kill an animal to eat it at least ONCE in our lives. Once you do, you will never look at eating meat the same again.

    It is easy to forget to pay homage to the animal you are eating, when you pull meat from a shelf in the store, and never have to look into the eyes of the animal that has sacrificed it’s own life for your own sustenance. I promise, it is not a sacrifice you would soon forget after you have been responsible for acquiring your own food in this.

    Besides that, there is a lot of wasted material when an animal is slaughtered now-a-days – and their treatment and abuse within these slaughter houses is inhumane, and substandard. Our ancestors used every last bit of each animal they killed, every BIT!

    Having to process your own meat will teach you many skills. Not just what can be used that would be wasted, but how to survive in a situation where you cannot go to the corner store to retrieve your flesh. YES, you are eating flesh; meat came from something that was once alive.

    Hunting is not, nor should it EVER be about being delighted to take a life. I like Bill Maher, but in this case, I’m afraid he missed the mark. For most – not all, hunting is, and only should ever be, about feeding your family, reconnecting with the mother, reclaiming the most ancient part of our connection with survival and maintaining respect for the cycle of life. It is symbiotic, and we would do well not to forget it!

    Hail the Ancestors! Hail the Fallen! Hail ALL THAT IS!

  • Kawartha

    Does it make a difference when I cook a meal and plate it nicely and snap a picture of it? Bill you are wrong here. Very wrong.

    • julierl

      Bill is 100% right and if you can’t see the differences between what you say and what Bill says, then – again – there is something wrong with YOU.

      • Kawartha

        So what are you saying, people that eat meat should only buy it in a grocery store???

      • julierl

        No, that isn’t what I said. That’s not what most people are saying in this thread. In fact, YOU are the only person who has said that. You are obviously a hunting group shill.

      • Kawartha

        There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone being proud of an accomplishment and sharing it with their friends and family. However, Facebook and Twitter allows others to see what you are posting. In honesty, its none of your damn business what someone posts on their own time line. If you don’t like what they post, then don’t look at it period.

      • julierl

        Shooting animals is an “accomplishment”? What a low, low bar you have set. Go home, stop shilling. And read up about the various FB types of pages and privacy settings!

      • Kawartha

        Whats the BIG AR plan to save the world. You seem to have all the answers so lets here them!!
        If it makes you feel better to not eat meat, then don’t eat meat! Does that mean you can’t understand that others do or do you, in your wildest dreams think there is a hope in hell that you are going to turn 97% of the worlds populations into vegans?

  • Kawartha

    I am not a hunter however I do understand that hunters are the biggest conservationist in the world and until the animal rights people starting putting money into Africa instead of in PETA and HSUS’s pockets instead, hunters are the best bet for saving these animals. That may sound strange but it is a fact. Hunters target problem animals, those that no longer breed, those that are breeding their own daughters and messing the gene pool. Please, before you start trashing hunters, do some research and understand what is happening. Also please do not let pictures upset you as many pictures do not match the acts and although people are upset with things like the Seal Hunt, there are 7.3 million seals in Canada right now that are dessimating the fish stocks which are endangered and there is a need to cull some of the seals to save the fish. We need to know conservation in order to protect what NEEDS protecting.

    • SimonValidzic

      It is humans and not seals that are devouring the fish; over 90% of ocean ecosystems are in danger of collapse due to commercial fishing. Governments should stop offering financial incentives (such as family allowances and one-off baby payments) for people to breed. There is no need for humans to continually expand into areas that are still in their natural state. Humans and human activities (especially animal farming) already take up about 70% of the land. Planet Earth belongs to all species. Even if hunters help the population of the species that they hunt (in some cases), there is still the cruelty to the individual animal, the harm to the social group, the targetting of the “best” individuals causing negative selection, the difficulty in identifying legal from illegal products derived from wild animals and making poaching possible, and reinforcement of the attitude that animals exist just for humans to exploit. (Before anyone accuses vegans of killing plants – many common vegan foods do not have to involve killing the plant because they are derived from fruits (including those that are called “vegetables” in everyday speech such as tomatos) and/or seeds/nuts/grains).

  • OneMoreGeneration

    How can we get Bill to help our two young founders tackle the trophy hunter who paid $350,000 to kill a critically endangered Black Rhino?

  • SimonValidzic

    I almost overlooked this reply and noticed it by chance when I logged in. I am not sure if there is much point in writing a long reply after so much time because people rarely comment an article that is more than a few days old, The link you provided is about health and I am not vegan for health reasons and I have quite a negative attitude towards food and life (and I had that before I went vegan – it has to do with not having enough time in the day). I prefer to keep my food simple, even if it is not optimum for taste band health; I work irregular shifts, spend a lot of time at my computer, and do a lot of things that are considered unhealthy. For me, it is not how long I live that matters, but what I achieve. It is ironic when somebody, such as my mother, is so concerned about my health but is quite happy to demand that I make academic, career and investment decisions that cause me to end up in a job where I cannot achieve my maximum potential. (This financial view is unusual for animal rights and ecological activists but if I could make a lot of money then I could make big donations instead of being limited to what I can do myself in a 24 hour day). I am not singling out Canada but regard overfishing as a global problem.

  • SimonValidzic

    In addition to my comment below, I do not wish to imply that I accept that vegan food is unhealthy. I am sure that there are many studies that show that it is healthy and there are comments below the article (in the link that you provided) that disagree with veganism being unhealthy. Since my comment below is too long as it is, I will leave it to others (for now) to debate the health aspects of veganism.