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A recent party held for the cast of “Noah” at the Boathouse in Central Park, boasted a vegan spread full of plant-based goodness.

Noah, the hero of the biblical epic played by Russell Crowe is a vegetarian in the film, and the director of “Noah,” Darren Aronofsky also promotes an animal and environmentally-friendly planet. When it came to using animals for the new film, Aronofsky made the progressive and compassionate decision to use computer-generated imagery.

Richard Johnson over on Page Six noted that Aronofsky is now vegan, however, a source we spoke to said that he’s not even vegetarian. Needless to say, we’re curious as to the real truth behind his diet. Maybe he’ll be like Samuel L. Jackson and comment?

The film “Noah” suggests that hurting, or devouring animals is evil, while saving them is divine. Ray Winstone is cast as the evil villain Tubal-Cain, who eagerly bites the head off an unidentified reptile and devours it raw, while Noah, played by Russell Crowe, is his nemesis, who rescues and saves animals.

In the film, Aronofsky promotes the necessity of caring for the planet, and all the creatures who inhabit it by portraying Noah as an animal rights activist. When he is not busy building his ark, Noah maintains an animal hospital where he treats animals who have been attacked by “evil’ poachers.

In an exclusive interview with PETA, Afronofsky said that it would not make sense to make a film that is about saving animals, if they are being put in harm’s way on the film set. It seems that the cast and crew are continuing the theme by not putting animals in harm’s way in order to fill their dinner plates at social functions.

The guests at the party also included Arnon Milchan, Bryan Lourd, Tyson Beckford, and Brett Ratner.

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