Cruelty-Free 2013 Celebrity Tattoos
by Lindsey Little
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Funnyman Ricky Gervais, an outspoken animal advocate, teamed up with Humane Society International to urge Australians to support the End Cruel Cosmetics Bill that is currently up for vote in Parliament.

The bill was introduced earlier this month by Senator Lee Rhiannon. It calls for a ban on the cruel practice of testing cosmetics on animals in Australia, as well as on the import and sale of animal-tested cosmetics from other countries. If passed, it would be identical to the groundbreaking European Union ban that was enacted last year.

“I love all animals and I hate to see them suffer in any way,” said the 52-year-old comedian. “Rabbits and mice who have cosmetics dripped in their eyes or spread on their skin, are just as deserving of our compassion as the animals with whom we share our homes. Let’s end their suffering. I’m proud to support the Be Cruelty-Free Australia campaign and urge all Australians to get involved. Go online, tell Parliament to support the End Cruel Cosmetics Bill, let’s end cosmetics animal testing in Australia and the world.”

Cruelty-Free 2013 Celebrity Tattoos

Be Cruelty-Free Australia’s Campaign Coordinator, Hannah Stuart, said, “Ricky is a true champion for both animals and people, which is why we’re so thrilled to have his support. Testing cosmetics on animals is bad news for the animals but also bad news for consumers because these tests are so questionable scientifically. It’s time for them to be consigned to the history books where they belong and the End Cruel Cosmetics Bill is our chance to do that.”

Australian readers can send an email to their Senator here asking them to support the bill and end the cosmetic industry’s cruelty to animals.

Photo Credit: Humane Society International
Source: Humane Society International


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