Ian Somerhalder stands against animal testing
by Natalia Lima
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Ian Somerhalder is always using his reach on social media to promote environmental and animal rights issues. This time, he’s tackling the use of animals in scientific research.

“The Vampire Diaries” star instagramed a video of a protest against Delta Airlines, a partner of Air France, which still flies animals like dogs and primates to take them to labs where they’ll be used as test subjects. They are put in the cargo holds in wooden crates and proceed to labs where they are legally tortured during tests.

“Wow. This is a bummer… Do we really need to test on animals still? We can send missions to mars yet we still test on animals-guess what? It’s NOT NECESSARY!!!!,” wrote the 35-year-old whose non profit organization is raising funds to open an animal sanctuary for abused animals. “We know this like we know the earth is round… Primates should be in trees. Not in labs.”

The video, which doesn’t show Somerhalder himself on camera, features a number of protesters holding up signs with messages like “Boycott Delta and Air France” and “Air France Stop Shipping Primates To Their Death.”

Somerhalder is not the only one standing against animal testing. Fellow animal lover Ricky Gervais also showed his disgust for the practice last week by pushing for a ban in Australia. Thanks, guys!

  • guest

    Love Ian, such a beautiful Man , inside and outside <3

  • Whitney

    So we don’t want to cure cancer or aids? How are we supposed to test medicines to save human lives? I can totally support not testing animals for makeup and cleaning products but saving human lives is different. Also, if you want to affect change, stop targeting companies, start contacting elected officials such as your congressmen. All animal testing is regulated & REQUIRED by the FDA. These companies are required to test on animals by the government if they want to produce certain products. Information is power so understanding what is actually occurring will only help you make change.

    • Dkong

      Use humans with the problems who are actually WILLING to be test subjects. There are actually humans out there dying who would do anything for treatment, but yet we want to cause the same problems in animals.

      • ito2110

        yeah..and soon..if the test medicine failed, then the slogan “human is not a lab rat” would be trending world wide. I guess, in some point we just need to choose.

  • Kaitlin

    Whitney… It’s not about NOT curing cancer or aids – it’s about creating awareness and the incentive to FIND ANOTHER WAY without harming the livelihood of a fellow living creature.

  • Ana

    whitney. who are we to say thet we are more important then animals, we can´t jus´t say that we are better than them cos actually they are better than us and we are not superiors to put ur healt first.

  • Whitney

    Kaitlin…Awareness is great, but an article that states animal testing is not necessary is misleading and boycotting Delta & Air France is not going to stop animal testing. You need to change the laws which regulate these companies. The only way you will get them to stop testing on animals is either to put them out of business (which is highly unlikely) or to change the laws by which they operate. If you want to create awareness you should include factual information.

    Ana… if you are saying that if your mother was sick that she should NOT take medicines because they were tested on animals then I would not choose the same. The ONLY reason I can tolerate animal testing is because I know it will allow companies to produce medicine that can save lives, as in curing cancer, saving children from living with aids and all other terrible diseases that people have to live with. If they create a way to not have to test on animals I am ALL for it.

  • Lib

    Pharmaceuticals are not always the best answer to cure disease….. they do cause more health problems more often. The U.S. is one of the only countries besides China that requires animal tests by the FDA… archaic not always accurate testing and results….. sad that the one of the wealthiest most developed countries in the world, U.S., requires it when Great Britain and other super powers have shut it down…. all for money.

  • eddy

    Animal tests have been around for ages and that is exactly the problem. They give results related to THAT specific species but never give conclusive test data for other species (thalidomide likely the best example). It are exactly animal experiments that slow down medical progress. To often certain active ingredients work in animals but fail ENTIRELY in humans or are even toxic to humans. The only way to test the effects of an ingredient on the human system s via human simulation programs, computer models, in vitro and as a final step human testing. If we would only accept this then efficient drugs would be developed in a fraction of the time they need now…. Furthermore, animal test are simply morally wrong regardless the results they give us…..

  • isha

    He asked a question and you snobs just answer it…So far after killing millions of animals you haven’t got a cure for cancer or HIV..Find another way now..you’ve finished off the entire animal race now…Stop hounding Ian Somerhalder..All he did was ask a question..Stop misinterpreting?He asked&you answer if it’s a yes or no..simple

  • Kathia Pierce

    I love you <3

  • Kathia Pierce

    I agree with Eddy and then I find that ‘ian’ is not at all pretentious, rather to my surprise it is one of those actors that even if he is having much success has retained sensitivity to the weak, to those who can not defend themselves and especially Ian is willing to fight for a cause that few would dare putting his face. It ‘s just to admire. And ‘rich inside. I apologize for my English, but I use the ‘google translator’