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American country music artist, Kellie Pickler, cooked up a vegetarian storm on ABC-TV’s “The Chew,” before her performance in Las Vegas later this week.

Pickler said that she chose to live a vegetarian lifestyle after being exposed to the inhumane ways animals are exploited. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on the “The Ellen De Generes Show,” Pickler said that she became a vegetarian after seeing animal cruelty videos online, and “thought it was horrible.” Also, she said that since becoming “a vegetarian and replacing the junk I was eating with whole foods, like raw veggies, nuts and edamame, [m]y energy shot way up!”

Sometimes it is difficult to maintain a healthy vegetarian diet especially when being on the road, but Pickler has managed to solve that problem by bringing along her own stove. She finds that cooking anything vegetarian, such as pasta, zucchini, and squash is “pretty easy.”

Pickler told Doug Elfman in an interview that she grew up in North Carolina, where it wasn’t always easy to be a vegetarian. “It is a crime from where I am from, but I didn’t tell anybody. That’s why they kicked me out. Where I’m from, to be a vegetarian, you’re an alien. Everybody thinks you’re nuts. They think something’s wrong with you,” she said.

She says that she finds it difficult to try to reason with people who are determined to defend their meat-eating habits. “You’re wasting your breath saying anything back. You just shake your head and go, ‘Whatever you say,’” explained Pickler.

She continued, “When people ask me what kind of ‘diet’ I’m on, I’m like, ‘I don’t like that word. It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle.’ Everyone finds the right lifestyle for them. For me, this is what works. This is me at my best.”

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