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The Berkeley, California-based vegan bakery Cinnaholic is offering up a nation-wide franchising opportunity to aspiring business owners.

Shannon and Florian Radke opened their first Cinnaholic store June 2010. The bakery became an overnight success with its mouthwatering vegan cinnamon rolls and a gazillion choices of frostings and toppings. The company has also been a media sensation – recognized in many prominent publications and having the honor of winning multiple “Best of” awards.

The owners of Cinnaholic believe that it is time to take their brand to the next level by expanding throughout the United States. They are now offering individuals a chance to join the Cinnaholic family and become part of their success story. The Radkes enthusiastically proclaimed that they “are very excited to announce that Cinnaholic recently signed a national franchise deal with the Atlanta Franchise Group allowing YOU to start your own Cinnaholic today!”

“We believe that every one of us has the power to make a positive change in this world for the animals, the planet and the people. We start by serving delicious vegan cinnamon rolls,” said the husband and wife team.

The Radkes explain that their “start-up package includes everything you need to launch your Cinnaholic store, including help with real estate/site selection, construction, training, marketing, grand opening and more. Once you are up and running we will continue to provide operational support, ongoing marketing support and a dedicated commitment to our franchise partnership.”

If you are excited about this venture, and interested in joining the Radke family, click here to apply today!

Photo Credit: Cinnaholic

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  • Nicole Jaja

    what about international vegan franchises? i´d love to bring some to central europe

    • Kristin

      There’s the Loving Hut restaurant.