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Gov. Chris ChristieGov. Chris Christie

Activist Confronts Chris Christie on Pig Gestation Crate Veto

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It’s been nine months since Governor Chris Christie vetoed the bill that would have banned the use of gestation crates for pigs in New Jersey but activists aren’t giving up and are asking him to reconsider.

In a town hall meeting in Sayreville, NJ, the Republican politician took questions from the attending audience. One of them was from an animal activist concerned about the way pigs are raised in farms in the state.

“It really broke my heart when you vetoed that bill,” said the resident. “Seeing these pigs confined in these crates really breaks my heart.”

While New Jersey has a small population of pig farmers, only raising about 700 statewide, the state still uses gestation crates, the cheapest method available. The crates are so small pigs can’t even turn around. But that wasn’t enough evidence of cruelty for Christie to sign the bill into law.

“What I know about pig gestation and the crates I learned when the bill came before me last time,” he said. “If bill comes back, I will certainly consider any additional evidence that people want to put in front of me.”

Christie also mentioned that farmers made a stronger case than animal activists. Perhaps that case is that Iowa, the largest pork producer in the country, has a huge impact on presidential elections, which Christie has been highly speculated to be interested in for 2016. That would explain why a bill that was supported by both democrats and republicans and 91 percent of New Jersey voters was simply vetoed.

Via NJ.com

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  • Larry Bird

    He’s an idiot.

  • pjb

    What kind of mumbo jumbo response was that?

    • pixiemom

      Exactly. That was no answer. Typical politician speak and always on the side of capitalism at the animals’ expense.

  • BerksBound

    “Christie also mentioned that farmers made a stronger case than animal activists. Perhaps that case is that Iowa, the largest pork producer in the country, has a huge impact on presidential elections”

    Yes, there you have the entire thing in a nutshell. Christie cares more about primary voters in Iowa than his current constituents, or the NJ legislature.

  • Sandy

    He wanted Iowa, not New Jersey. Regardless, he lost all my respect with that veto.

  • dawn jeronowitz

    Please keep in mind, the Governor responded here in a way that should give us hope and optimism. There is another active NJ Pig Gestation Crate Ban Bill that will reach the Governor’s desk again very soon. It is important we call, email, post and tweet, emphasizing the importance and relevance of this critical life-altering issue, on behalf of the confined pigs. It is up to us, the humans, to be their voice & vote. The Governor offered an open mind, let’s join together, educate, and ensure the confined pigs will one day use their legs to walk.

  • roamingnoem

    Perhaps he doesn’t just listen to radicals and get a paper thin view of the issue. “He”s an idiot” is a great example. Also, if “presenting a stronger case” isn’t what the political process is about…what is it?

    • Jan Fredericks

      Don’t know why he needs to have some kind of twerking on a bill in front of him when the answer should just be compassion verses evil. He should use his own head and heart.

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