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The popularity and accessibility of veganism has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Heaps of celebrities and athletes are eating a plant-based diet, there’s a vegan version of pretty much everything on the market, and San Antonio is about to open a vegan fast food restaurant.

Yeah, you read that right. San Antonio, Texas, will soon be the home of Earth Burger, a healthy, vegan fast food restaurant, complete with drive-through.

Earth Burger comes from the masterminds behind Green Vegetarian Cuisine, a vegetarian (mostly vegan) restaurant with two locations in San Antonio and one in Houston. Earth Burger will be making vegan food accessible to all, offering healthy meals priced similarly to non-vegan fast food joints. Some of the menu items include a “fish” burger, black bean burger, kale salad, kalamata olive hummus, and wraps, plus a section for the kiddos, too. Earth Burger already has their physical location, but they’ve started a Kickstarter to make this dream come true even dreamier.

With a KS goal of $40,000, the Green Team will use the funds to build up their locale, purchase equipment, and ensure that the kitchen stays kosher. Perks for pledging include meal coupons, T-shirts, stickers, a private menu tasting, and more.

If you want to get in on making history in San Antonio, pledge here. Be sure to spread the word and “like” Earth Burger on Facebook, as well.  If you live in San Antonio (lucky duck!), check this link for upcoming menu tastings.

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    That’s awesome! Next time I’m in Texas, i’m there!

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    But he keeps saying vegetarian? How is it vegan?