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Jack Johnson‘s 2014 North American “From Here To Now To You” Tour focuses on environmental sustainability by incorporating fan participation.

The tour that begins May 16 at the Hangout Music Festival at the Gulf Shores in Alabama encompasses Johnson’s eco-friendly efforts to kick start the second year of green touring.

These efforts consists of incorporating sustainable biodiesel to fuel tour busses, a zero waste tour through recycling and composting, using ground and sea freight to ship equipment to reduce each venues carbon footprint, and eco-friendly merchandise like 100 per cent organic cotton and up-cycled tote bags. Johnson has even gone as far to implement a ride-share program to get fans to and from shows using transportation provided by ZimRide.

The “All At Once Campaign” was created in 2008 by Johnson and his management crew with guidance from Effect Partners; A marketing company that embeds sustainability into the foundation of their brands for over 20 years. It promotes plastic free initiatives and sustainable local food systems. The campaign’s motto “An individual action multiplied by millions creates global change” encourages environmental action and offers fans the opportunity to participate in making a positive change in local or world communities. The website provides a list of non-profit organizations affiliated with Johnson and his musical influence including: Save the Waves Coalition, 1% For the Planet, Alliance for the Great Lakes, and The Blue River Watershed Association.

The Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation, created by Johnson and wife Kim, directly match all donations made in affiliation with partners of the “All At Once Campaign”.

The 2013 impact results from the “All At Once Campaign” showed significant involvement and the power from volunteers during last year’s tour. About six thousand fans took environmental action either online or within their communities. Participants eliminated about 2500 single-use water bottles using their own kanteens, and 2,209,030 lbs. of carbon dioxide were offset (That is the equivalent to keeping 209 cars off the road for a year!).

Johnson’s contribution to the well being of the environment can only be described as a phenomenal effort.

To contribute your efforts, tickets for the tour may be purchased at

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